Friday, 18 Jan 2019

Autumnal color is near peak in the BC region until Veterans Day weekend

Fall colors on the Bluemont Junction Trail in Arlington. (Tom Mockler via Flickr) The weird autumn foliage season of 2018 is now in its grand finale. If your location is not up yet, you'll be there next week. The season started very slowly – and it was generally of inferior quality on the highest ground, well in the west – but we managed to get a good quality color. The relatively persistent cold air over the last few weeks has almost allowed the areas located to the east of the mountains to resume their normal course, to the point where the peak is reached. In and around the city, we took about a week late and the Veterans Day weekend is typically very colorful, as will be the case this year. the The November 8 update of the fall foliage network indicates intense color conditions at the peaks throughout the region. He notes that the wind has dropped most of the leaves in the highest altitudes of our west, where the ridge has passed, and this is starting to look like winter.
November 8 update the fall foliage. (The Foliage Network) The Virginia Forest Department reports that "many mountain areas under 3,000 feet are full of color this weekend, including much of Blue Ridge Parkway and the Shenandoah. weekend. The latest information from Maryland reminds us that declaring a summit can be as much an art as science. While the foliage network provides an incredible long-term service that covers a large area, local groups tend to have more details and specificities on the ground. For example, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources has the immediate area at its maximum. Among others, they share a report from state forester Brian Stupak that says "[w]In Calvert and Prince George counties, colors are at their peak. "

Maryland reports indicate that the northern parts of the state have exceeded their peak, the color of our region being maximum. (Maryland Department of Natural Resources) Due to heavy rains in recent weeks, slow start-up and frost outside the urban corridor in recent weeks, chromatic coverage has remained uneven in some areas. In others, we can say that the colors of the tree types overlap more than some years. Where there is color – and it is everywhere locally at that time – it has been largely dynamic. Like last week, we are considering a storm system crossing the region as we head towards the weekend. As the seasons go by, the leaves will become more fragile and more likely to fall. Rain and wind from the next day or night can do a lot.

Fall colors at the White House earlier this week. (Joe Flood via Flickr) Otherwise, the weekend announces well for searching for leaves in our area. There will be clouds early Saturday morning and it will be fine all weekend, with Veterans Day Monday. The leaves will still fly Saturday as a northwesterly breeze blows through tonight's storm system. The high temperatures will be in the 40s. After the great cold Saturday night, Sunday will offer more sun and quieter winds. Peaks are expected to reach the mid-40s to near 50. On Monday, clouds may increase over time, but will be calm when peaks rise to about 50 degrees. Here are some of the most beautiful scenes that have crossed our Twitter feed in recent days. Keep track of changes in
Maryland (or 1-800-LEVES1), Virginia and West Virginia yourself! And this fall, share your fall foliage photos with us on Twitter and Facebook, and in our Flickr group.

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