Avoided a new collision between a cruise ship and a yacht in Venice


A month after the accident that involved a giant cruise ship, a new tragedy was almost avoided this Sunday night, when the "Costa Deliziosa" cruise, almost 300 meters long and capable of transporting almost 3,000 passengers, brushed against A yacht as it left the lagoon of Venice, causing panic on board.

The big boat was moving away from the Italian city in the rain and strong winds, pulled by tugboats. The storm deported the boat to a yacht that was boarded near the famous St. Mark's Square. The members of the yacht's crew, a 50-meter ship, tiny by the side of the cruise, threw themselves from their ship to the dock. Luckily, the tugboat managed to move the "Costa Deliziosa" away from the yacht and guide it towards the exit of the lagoon without any other problem. This accident, prevented at the last moment, occurred only five weeks after another cruise ship crashed in Venice causing four minor injuries.

A victim of an engine failure earlier this June, the MSC Opera, a cruise ship capable of transporting nearly 2,680 passengers, was sailing along the Giudecca Canal when it hit a dock before crashing into a tourist boat it was trying to cover. The accident videos posted on Twitter showed tourists running on the shore in front of the 275-meter ship scraping the entire dock, engines roaring.

These accidents have resuscitated the strong debates that are shaking Venice about the damage caused by cruises in the port city and its lagoon – classified as UNESCO world heritage. These "giants of the seas" sail near the shore, and their tall chimneys jut out from behind the bell towers and bridges of the city. Environmental advocates accuse cruise ships of contributing to the erosion of the city's foundations.

Italy adopted a development plan for the lagoon in November 2017, which supports the lucrative activity of the cruise ships and at the same time aims to change the trajectory of the ships that in the future will not have to cross the city through the Giudecca channel, along the Plaza de San Marcos, thanks to the construction of a new maritime terminal. .


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