AvtoVAZ raised prices for Lada cars for the sixth time in 2020 :: Autonews

AvtoVAZ raised prices for almost the entire model line of Lada – cars of the domestic brand have risen in price by an average of about 1-1.5%. This follows from the updated price lists published by on the automaker’s website, which Autonews.ru compared with the previous price tags.

The most popular car on the Russian market – Lada Granta – has risen in price from 483,900 rubles. up to 488,900 rubles. Prices for the basic version of Lada Vesta increased by 9 thousand rubles. – from 667 900 rubles. up to 676 900 rubles. Hatchback Lada XRay has risen in price by 7 thousand rubles – up to 660 900 rubles, and the Lada 4×4 SUV will now cost at least 581 900 rubles. (+ 6 thousand rubles). Lada Largus has risen in price by 8 thousand rubles – up to 653 900 rubles. Finally, the most expensive car of the brand – Lada Vesta Sport – added 9 thousand rubles in price. and now costs from 1,089,900 rubles.

The only model that was not affected by the price increase was the Lada Niva SUV. As before, this car can be purchased from 738,000 rubles.

Volzhsky Automobile Plant is raising the cost of its cars for the sixth time in 2020. Last time a domestic automaker adjusted price tags on October 1when cars went up by 2-3% or 10-13 thousand rubles.

According to the Association of European Businesses (AEB), AvtoVAZ leads the Russian market at the end of 10 months of 2020. From January to October, the Volzhsky Automobile Plant sold 264,680 new cars, which is 10% less than last year. The most popular model of the domestic brand Lada remains Granta (97.2 thousand units), Vesta (84.3 thousand units) is in second place, and the Largus station wagon (29.2 thousand units) closes the top three.

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