Awesome find! Mahulena Bočanová in danger?

A very scary “surprise” awaited Mahulena Bočanová (53) at home. After the actress woke up and went to the kitchen, she found scissors stuck in her worktop. Of course, it wouldn’t be weird if the actress stabbed them there, but it wasn’t like that.

“For lovers of mysteries. I had this in the kitchen in the morning, “she wrote Bočanová to the photo on Instagram. Under the post, various theories began to be published in a moment, as could have happened. “That’s scary,” one of the fans wrote. Does the actress have ghosts at home?

Mahulena Bočanová: In the confusion she forgot half of the ball gown and make-up!

However, Bočanová came up with a simple explanation. “Those scissors fell from the magnet down to the floor and bounced off the kitchen counter,” wrote the star of the series Ordinace v růže zahradu, which is definitely not bored at home. Strange things were repeated the next day at her house. “Plastic soda bottles were cracking, and in the morning, an application like circus music started playing Márinka from her iPad herself. I’m fucked, “said the actress according to Blesk.

Mahulena Bočanová at the ball:


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