Axel Kicillof: I am not going to allow a total return to face-to-face classes

Regarding Education and the return to the classroom, Kicillof explained that “In 24 municipalities where the level of circulation is low” they will begin to “rehearse some form of presence”, and indicated: “You cannot put the same amount of boys in a classroom as it was done before. The presence will be in a scheme rather linked to the emotional than to the educational ”.

“In places where there is a lot of traffic, classes will not return. I’m not going to do it. It seems to me that marketing this is an absolute mistake. It is not an issue for partisanship. I will not allow it “, sentenced the Buenos Aires governor, and insisted: “It must be done where it is feasible and where there are no unnecessary risks, not to fill a newspaper title.”

Interview with Buenos Aires Governor Axel Kicillof in Do Something

Kicillof also referred to the program Accompaniment to Trajectories and Relinking (ATR), and detailed: “We have recruited and summoned 45 thousand teachers, who are going to go to the homes of the boys who have lost connection or who they have had trouble maintaining continuity. We are going to go to the houses twice a week ”.

Regarding the economy, the former minister during the presidency of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner said that “what happened with the coronavirus and the economy was a global calamity”, and remarked: “This is unprecedented, of a very worrying magnitude, and features that are new. The coronavirus turned economic theories upside down”.

Similarly, on the economic impact of the pandemic in the country, and mainly in the Province, the governor confirmed in C5N: “For us, the main thing is to take care of health.”

By last, Axel Kicillof did not rule out the completion of the summer season for the Atlantic Coast of Buenos Aires, and anticipated that he remains in contact with the mayors with whom he formed “a reflection group on how the season is going to be.”


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