Azpirotz and Espinosa disguise themselves as superheroes

Xabier Azpirotz and Gorka Espinosa entered the Karla Lekuona pitch without knowing that they would become the main protagonists of the Carnival Saturday.

And it is that the two San Sebastian were those who, in the last stages of the meeting, turned the scoreboard to sign the victory of Añorga but, in turn, to sink an Oiartzun that, with the same points as the colista, is in a very bad dynamic.

And that the boys of Auzmendi were not bad on Saturday, but they even made merits to win during many sections of the match. They had chances of all colors in the first half, but not only did they not succeed in attack, but they allowed Aiestaran to put the Añorgatarras ahead. It is often said that a skinny dog ​​is all fleas and something similar happens with this team that luck is not smiling at all throughout this season.

Somersaults on the scoreboard

After passing through the changing rooms, the Oiartzun kept looking for the rival goal, in this case with more success than in the first part. So, Goikoetxea and Eñaut Fernández went back when there were only nine minutes left to reach 90.

It was then that in the local players that anxiety appeared that gives three vital points so close, something that Eneko Ferradas knew how to see. First it was Xabier Azpirotz who took advantage of a good center from the left wing to finish off pleasure and make the tie to two.


Orokieta, Etxeberria, Bengoetxea (Martín, min. 83), Bermount, Marín, Sistiaga, Fernández, Noble (Eizmendi, min. 57), Goikoetxea, Leonet and Lapazaran (Izagirre, min. 63).


Urdangarín, Uranga, López, Andonegi (Merino, min. 79), Unanue, Yarza, Otxoa de Eribe (Amiano, min. 37), López (Espinosa, min. 73), Manterola, Aiestaran (Aramendi, min. 61) and Urain (Azpirotz, min. 73).


0-1, min. 32: They will party. 1-1, min. 69: Goikoetxea. 2-1, min. 81: Fernandez. 2-2, min. 89: Azpirotz. 2-3, min. 95: Spiny.


Blond. He admonished the Oiartzun to Lapazaran, Bengoetxea and Izagirre; and by the Añorga to Unanue, Amiano and Manterola.


Good entry in Karla Lekuona, with fans of both teams.

In the 95th minute, Gorka Espinosa put on the superhero costume to, after a lateral foul, take advantage of a ball divided into the Oiartzuarra area and score the final 2-3, a result that excessively punished a team, the Oiartzun, who Each week that passes, the permanence is a little more complicated.


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