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Azzolina: lessons half at school and half at home – Politics

“We never talked about double shifts” for the resumption of school in September. Education Minister Lucia Azzolina underlined this at Skytg24 explaining that the hypothesis is to divide the classes: “half of the students for half a week” would go to school, then the other half, and in any case students would always be kept who are at a distance “connected, so sociality remains”.

“We can’t bring students back to school with 28-30 people per class. I’ve always had a battle against chicken coop classes,” added the minister. On May 4, “Italy will slowly reopen” but it will not be “a free everyone”, “we will see what will happen in the next two weeks”. As for the problem of early school leaving, Azzolina stressed that, beyond the health emergency, Italy was already “out of the media, I’m working so that it doesn’t increase. No student has to be left behind”.

“In September you have to go back to school, students have the right to go back to school” and this also applies to “elementary schools”, added Azzolina, reiterating the possibility of “a mixed teaching”, partly in attendance and partly online remotely. “If we think where we started from” distance education “was a great success”, the school “was not prepared”, said the minister. The minister said this in Maria Latella’s ‘Interview’ on Skytg24.