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Azzolina: “Plexiglas? Always been a hoax”

“The history of plexiglas dividers in classrooms? It has always been a hoax, from the first moment ”. So the Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina on Radio 24 in 24 Mattino.

The minister explained how this news came out: “We had a private meeting and we had communicated to our interlocutors that the technical and scientific committee was evaluating various measures for the reopening of the school in September, including the dividers, among other thousand hypotheses . A few minutes later, for the newspapers that hypothesis of dividers had become the news of ‘children in September in Plexiglas cages’, complete with an image. Something taken by everyone so much that after three days I made a video to say that there had never been talk of children in cages. And immediately the newspapers spoke of ‘Azzolina turns back, backtrack on Plexiglas’. It would take greater fairness on the part of everyone, because the official documents do not speak of Plexiglas cages at all, this does not help, and still today some people still talk about it. Someone lives well in confusion and wants to create confusion, but go and look at the official documents of the Ministry of Education. We are tired of reading false news that clicks and listens, the Italians are the ones who lose us ”, concluded the minister.

“For September we have 2.5 billion (1.5 billion in the revitalization bill and now a billion more). They are very important funds, destined for different aspects: new furniture, single desks that allow you to recover space and we must keep a meter away mouth to mouth in the classroom, single and modern desks that will allow modern teaching, new spaces and new classrooms ” , the funds will also be used “to make territorial pacts to bring students out of the traditional school and for the workforce,” Education Minister Lucia Azzolina said at ’24 Mattina on Radio 24 ‘.

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