Baby monitor with camera: How useful are models with a camera?

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These practical models give parents security

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Sleeping baby and video baby monitor Sleeping baby and video baby monitor

Parents can not only hear but also see the baby in the room next door with a baby monitor with video function

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A baby monitor with a camera is now indispensable for many parents – here’s an overview of how you can recognize a good device and which models are worth the money.

IDo you want your child to move into their own room or do you want more flexibility in everyday life, for example to be able to do household chores while the little ones are sleeping? A baby monitor with a camera allows you to look to the right from another room so that you can be there immediately if necessary. The device listens, so to speak, and informs you immediately with audio and video if the offspring moves or makes noises. In our tips, you can find out what you should pay attention to when buying a really good and useful device.

The most important information to the baby monitor

A common baby monitor consists of a base that is set up in the nursery and a receiver that parents can carry with them. The device aimed at the child has a microphone. If there is a certain volume, the activity is sent to the mobile receiver so that users are made aware of it. A baby monitor with a camera also seems particularly practical: experiences from parents confirm this, because the additional video function makes it easy to check whether a visit to the children’s room is really necessary or whether the baby may already be sleeping on.

For many parents, a baby monitor with a large range is also crucial, so that they can move around the house as flexibly as possible and at the same time always have an ear or an eye on the offspring. In addition, many models offer additional functions such as an intercom function, a room thermometer and a hygrometer for measuring the humidity. Others can also be easily used with the mobile phone via the home WLAN, so that the range is even greater.

Basically you should pay attention to the following features when buying:

  • Night light for children

  • good night vision for use in the dark

  • vibration function

  • Two-way audio for communicating

  • if necessary also a lullaby function

Baby monitor with camera: practical models

That is cheap and powerful Model by GHB* Highlight with 3.2 inch screen and good night vision camera. The range is 260 meters outdoors, it can also be used on different floors without any problems.

The manufacturer offers a baby monitor with two cameras Miniboss* – In total, four rooms can be monitored with the monitor. The range measured here is 290 meters outdoors.

Connect baby monitor camera to mobile phone

A baby monitor with camera, but without an additional monitor comes from the brand Victure* – Baby monitors and cell phones can be connected via WLAN here. If the camera detects movement or noise, you will receive a message on your smartphone. So you can see what is going on and communicate with your child via the camera speaker if necessary. To use it, just download the appropriate app and select your own home network. The smartphone finds the camera and connects after a few seconds – however, a router with a 2.4 GHz frequency is required. The big advantage: Several users can access the camera and a check is also possible on the go.

A baby monitor with video function, very long range and long battery life offers this Philips Avent*. However, buyers criticize the night mode and the sound quality here. However, this device is also well suited for use in the playroom – just like the audio version of the manufacturer. The much cheaper one Baby monitor without camera* allows you to hear sounds from the children’s room via DECT technology. In Eco mode, the radiation exposure from the device is slightly lower than during continuous operation.

Conclusion: baby monitor with or without camera?

A baby monitor with a camera is usually a little more expensive than a device with a pure audio function. However, many parents like to invest a little more for additional comfort. Because while it is not always possible to do without looking at the children’s room with simple baby monitors, you can check on a video monitor what the offspring is doing and whether consolation, help or a lullaby are necessary.


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