Bachelorette 2020: This man doesn’t get a rose from Melissa

HE cannot understand Melissa’s decision

20 men, 20 very different characters: Quite exciting for Bachelorette Melissa Damilia! In her villa in Crete she meets the boys for the first time. Charming smiles, open conversations, small gifts – some boys can immediately score with Melissa. Only one person obviously couldn’t convince the bachelorette after getting to know each other. For Adriano The rose adventure comes to an abrupt end in the first “Night of the Roses”. And the 35-year-old doesn’t agree with this decision at all. We show his angry reaction again in the video.

Adrianos departure is astonishing

After Melissa has given Leander her 19th and last rose, she wants to personally say goodbye to Adriano. But it doesn’t even come to that. The 35-year-old is apparently so angry about Melissa’s decision that he is making an exit like never before with “Die Bachelorette”! Not only is Melissa amazed, the other candidates also have to swallow. Daniel Bayer thinks: “That was a complete total failure”. And Daniel Häusle can only shake his head: “That would never happen in my life.” Fortunately, the bachelorette can already laugh about it after a brief shock!

Below in the video: Which guys can continue to fight for Melissa

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