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Back pain – When running becomes agony: Standing MRI scan shows cause …

Backache - symbolic image Back pain – Cologne, April 2018 – The true causes of leg pain and foot-lift weakness can be better detected by standing upright MRI scan than lying down.

The affected patient suffers from the fact that he can go shorter and shorter distances. So his entrepreneurial spirit and quality of life is getting smaller and smaller. An MRI examination while standing and bending under the natural weight load is possible in the innovative upright MRI system. The MRI images show the exact nature of the narrowed spinal canal to spine experts, so they can recommend targeted, pain-relieving therapy to the patient.

It starts relatively inconspicuously: Sometimes Michael S. (61) feels a tingling sensation in his right foot or during sports the lower back hurts. But after a few months, the back pain had become a daily companion and walking was increasingly difficult.

More and more painkillers were not enough, he had to stop frequently while shopping or walking: A sports lover and orthopedist recommends an investigation “in the tube”: The image from conventional MRI shows the doctors but not exactly the cause of the complaints. Only an MRI examination while standing under natural weight load, which makes upright MRI possible, brought the solution. On the MRI scans, the attending physicians at Michael S. recognize a massive constriction of the spinal canal when standing by a weight-dependent herniated disc.

Showcase health – The medical explanation

In lumbal-related mobility, colloquially also often called “intermittent claudication”, the legs often hurt only when running or standing in contrast to the “Schaufenstiesterheit”, which is caused by circulatory disorders. The name derives from the fact that recurrent pain and numbness in the legs force them to stop frequently – as in a window shopping. Those affected often stay in front of shop windows until the pain subsides or sit down to relieve the spinal canal with a back prevention.

A narrowing of the spinal canal becomes more likely with increasing age, as often arthrosis-related changes in the vertebral bone can occur. However, these are often not detectable by X-ray or conventional MRI images, because only by the natural, weighing on the spine body weight push the intervertebral discs or the ligaments in the spinal canal. Only then do they narrow the spinal cord and the nerve endings and lead to the pain-related limitation of the walking distance.

Thus, the examination in an upright MRI practice after years of suffering is often the solution for sufferers of intermittent claudication. The method sets new standards in diagnostic imaging and enables a more targeted treatment with better chances of recovery. Because here the doctor can examine the patient in the painful posture, namely in back and forward bending or while sitting.

Regain quality of life

So that Michael S. can do more – whether trips or walks – and painkillers can be discontinued, spine specialists recommend targeted physiotherapy. If nerves are a little bit more damaged, there is the possibility to tackle other therapies. The upright MRI practices are well networked with spine specialists nationwide.

Sports physicians, professional athletes and renowned orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons have been relying on studies in upright MRI for a long time now, as this is where the exact cause of back pain or joint pain can be seen: Only in this innovative MRI system the body becomes more natural Weight load and recorded in functional positions.

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As the only provider in the German market, MEDSERENA AG relies on the innovative upright MRT technology. This allows a clear view of the device at all times and offers great comfort for the patient. In addition, examinations of the entire body are possible both when lying down, in an inclined position, while sitting and standing. Thus, completely new clinical indications, e.g. for the examination of the spine, which can now be examined for the first time under natural weight load, while the radiologist benefits from the technically best possible image quality.

MEDSERENA AG is a full-service provider for radiology practice. With a highly-qualified, interdisciplinary team, the Cologne-based company creates individual solutions so that self-employed radiologists can concentrate fully on their core competencies. From financing, through the organization and IT, to marketing and billing, customers are provided with a tailor-made practice tailored to their needs. Likewise, MEDSERENA AG supports the administrative operation.

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