Back to 90 km / h: the departments ask the help of the State

Being in the front line is never a comfortable position. And presidents of departments, to whom the government has just given the opportunity to increase the speed on the roads, may soon experience it. Not easy indeed to assume the consequences if by chance this decision resulted in more accidents and deaths on the sections concerned …

This Friday, the Assembly of French Departments (ADF) has therefore taken the trouble to write to the Prime Minister to ask that "the decision of the president of department is taken with the opportunity to seek an opinion of the prefect." Clearly, the state is also involved. What give the impression that local elected officials try to open the umbrella.

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Dominique Bussereau, the president of the ADF, defends itself however: "It is not a question of asking the prefects to co-sign or validate this decision. But we need data from gendarmes, road safety, and so on. to be able to make the best choices upstream. Matignon sees no problem: "We will obviously provide the services concerned," advises Édouard Philippe.

49 departments ready to move to 90 km / h

Even if, according to a count of BFM TV, 49 presidents of departments were ready, as of this Friday, to cross roads at 90 km / h, many people have the feeling that the government has passed them, looking like nothing , the hot potato. Bussereau moderates: "I do not think the government is trying to trap us. They are more senior officials of the state, "he says.

Still, for the elected officials, the threats of lawsuits are very real. The argument is already agitated by the lawyer Jehanne Collard or the president of the League against road violence, Chantal Perrichon. What annoy Dominique Bussereau: "We can attack everyone for anything and everything. It's just stupid and mean, "says the former Minister of Transport.

The politician is also preparing to … complain, and from Monday – through his council Gilles-Jean Portejoie – against Chantal Perrichon for "public insult". "She said in essence that we would prefer our mandates to people's lives. It's inept, "annoyed the president of the ADF. In short, the easing of 80 km / h will not be a reality for a few months and the review of the law on mobility, but the atmosphere is already at loggerheads.

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