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Back to class, so will the desks be in September? [FOTO]

How will we return to class in September? A problem that is kept in the newspapers with the Ministry of Education struggling with the reopening plan of schools which will have to guarantee maximum safety for everyone, teachers, students and ATAs.

Unfortunately, however, it will not be easy to create it in all school buildings, given the narrow spaces and the age of the structures.

On Radio 24, the Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina, he has declared: “The funds will be used to renovate the furnishings. Single benches allow you to recover space and at the moment, based on the indications of the CTS, we must keep the meter away. They will also serve for new spaces, new classrooms and we think of abandoned school buildings, but also territorial pacts to take students out of school in the traditional way; and they will be useful for the staff, especially in kindergarten to be able to take lessons in small groups “.

Here, then, a prototype of the latest generation bench with a wheelchair and a desk to place books, notebooks or PCs.

It must be considered, however, that the extraordinary commissioner will decide for the purchase and distribution of the benches. Attention also: the desks will be bought for those companies that have difficulties with regards to space management. It will therefore not concern all schools.

On this the Minister of Education was clear: The new generation single benches earn meters and will be the priority for many institutions. The extraordinary police station for emergencies will give us a hand on purchase and distribution “ (Domenico Arcuri, editor’s note).

The single bench, therefore, will become reality and we will have to say goodbye to our dear classmate with which to spend hours and hours of school and maybe become great friends.

One thing is certain: the school that will be seen in September will be, at least according to the intentions of the Ministry of Education, completely different than what we saw before the coronavirus.

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