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The operator semivirtuale by Vodafone I have. Mobile has started his in the last few hours first SMS winback campaign addressed to some of his former customers, who offers them to do the portability with one of the offers currently available with up to 70 Giga from 5.99 euros per month.

here is the message text sent to some former customers I have. Mobile that had left commercial consent to communications:

Do you need Giga? Back to ho.! Up to 70 Giga starting from 5.99 euros per month, in more minutes and unlimited SMS. Go to to discover all the offers and activate the one provided for you directly from home, shipping is free! Cost of the SIM 0.99 euros and activation cost based on the offer.

Compared to the SMS winback campaigns of other operators, in this case it can be seen how no dedicated promotion is offered, but it is simply proposed to go to the official website of ho. to activate one of the current offers available online, choosing from those that provide the possibility to request the number portability.

As it is underlined in the message, by activating one of the online offers directly from home it is possible to receive the SIM at home with free shipping.

In this regard, please note that from 7 May 2020 the app I have. Mobile has updated allowing itself to activate the SIM cards received at home by recording a short recognition video framing the face and an identification document. in this way it is no longer necessary to wait for the operator for the video call.

The rechargeable offers i have. Mobile currently activated online with simultaneous request for portability they are named respectively I have. 5.99, I have. 8.99, I have. 4.99 Only Voice and I have. 12.99.

As already mentioned, the operator recently introduced the date of deadline for the offer I have. 8.99, then extended to May 24, 2020, except for changes, while all the other offers just mentioned are valid until further notice.

In the SMS sent to former customers, we also remember how all these offers include a cost of the SIM equal to 99 euro cents, to which must be added the activation cost which varies according to the offer: 0 euro per ho. 5.99 and ho. 4.99 Voice only, while 9 euros per ho. 8.99 and ho. 12.99. For customers coming from Vodafone, however, the activation fee is 29.99 euros.

However, the customer must also bear the cost of a first top-up from which the first renewal will be deducted.

I have. offers

In detail, I have. 5.99 (here is the direct link) expected unlimited minutes and SMS to all national numbers e 70 Giga of data traffic up to 4G with 30 Mbps download and upload speed, all at the cost of 5.99 euros per month.

I have. 5.99 can be activated only by new customers from Iliad, Fastweb and some virtual operators, or: PosteMobile, Tiscali, CoopVoce, BT Italia, DigiMobil, Digitel, Foll-In, Green Telecomunicazioni, LycaMobile, NT Mobile, NV Mobile, Optima Mobile, Noitel, Rabona Mobile, UnoMobile, Welcome Italia, Withu, Enegan and Spusu Italia . Kena Mobile, Very Mobile and Daily Telecom are excluded.

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The offer I have. 8.99 (here is the direct link) includes instead unlimited minutes and SMS to all national numbers e 50 Giga of internet in 4G basic (up to 30 Mbps for download and upload) at the cost of 8.99 euros per month. In case of portability it can be activated for those coming from Kena Mobile and Daily Telecom. This offer is also available for new customers who decide to activate a new number.

The offer I have. 12.99 (here is the direct link) always includes unlimited minutes and SMS to all national numbers e 50 Giga of internet in 4G basic (up to 30 Mbps for download and upload) but in this case at the price of 12.99 euros per month. It can be activated in portability mainly by new customers from TIM, Vodafone, WINDTRE and Very Mobile.

Finally, it is always available the Voice Only offer named I have. 4.99 (here is the direct link) which includes a bundle of minutes and unlimited SMS to all national numbers and 50 Mega of 4G internet traffic with speeds up to 30 Mbps for download and 30 Mbps for upload.

I have. 4.99 provides a monthly cost of 4.99 euros only for new customers who carry portability from iliad, Fastweb and virtual operators following: PosteMobile, Tiscali, Coop Voce, BT Italia, Digi Mobil, Digitel, Foll-In, Green Telecomunicazioni, Lycamobile, NT Mobile, NV Mobile, Optima Mobile, Noitel, Rabona Mobile, UnoMobile, Welcome Italia, Withu, Enegan and Spusu Italy. Portability must be carried out within 15 days of activating the SIM, otherwise the discount is lost and the offer is renewed at 9.99 euros per month.

I have. Mobile SIM

In case of insufficient residual credit when the offer is renewed, the customer I have. the credit will be negative. In order to use the offer, it will be necessary to top up to return the credit greater than zero.

Exceeded the Giga included, navigation is automatically blocked without extra costs. However, you can use the service Riparti by the App to restart the offer by anticipating renewal if the threshold of the available Giga residuals of its offer is 2GB. Furthermore, the Riparti is not available in the 3 hours preceding the renewal of its offer.

In the countries of the European Union, in compliance with the Roaming Like at Home regulation, you can use all the minutes and SMS included in the offers at no additional cost. Different is the data traffic, to which limits are imposed which vary according to the offer signed: throughout 2020 the limit is 6.1 Giga for offers i have. 5.99, I have. 8.99 and ho. 12.99.

In the offers of ho. mobile I am included by default the following free ancillary services: SMS I have. called, 42121 for residual credit, call waiting, hotspot navigation and call transfer (voicemail and VoLTE technology are not provided instead).

I am instead automatically inhibited paid digital services such as horoscopes and ringtones or toll-free numbers 199, 144, 166 and 899, which, however, can be activated at the operator’s official app at their discretion.

As already mentioned, it has been extended again until 30 June 2020 (unless further extensions), the initiative “Bring a friend” named I have. A lot of friends, which allows you to get up to 150 euros in free refills for customers making invitations, e 5 € top-up for each new customer who benefits from it.

In detail of the program available from 9 December 2019, the maximum limit of 150 euros of top-ups intended for all those who generate the invitation, it is so articulated: € 5 for each friend invited for a maximum of 10 activations, to which to add any € 5 bonus in case of portability from Iliad, Fastweb and some virtual operators. Plus 50 euros extra bonus once you reach the limit of 10 friends.

In the meantime, the commercial initiative is continuing, barring any changes “I have. a surprise for friends “, which sends two more SIMs without notice a who buys a SIM online (for a total of 3 SIM cards delivered), in order to participate in I have. A lot of friends sharing additional SIM cards with friends or relatives.

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