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Back to School 2020 started in the Netherlands and Belgium

What is Back to School at Apple?

Back to School is a discount promotion at the beginning of the academic year. You can at Apple for a free product with the purchase of a Mac or iPad for your studies. What’s on offer this year? In previous years, you were eligible for a free Beats headphones, but this year Apple has opted for AirPods.

View the Back to School promotion here!

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Free AirPods for students

Apple is giving away AirPods for free this year. You can choose from the following gifts:

  • AirPods with normal case: no additional payment
  • AirPods with wireless charging case: € 50.01 additional payment
  • AirPods Pro: € 100.01 additional payment

You will receive this as a gift when you purchase the following products for your study:

So it does not apply to the Mac Pro, iPad mini and the standard iPad. Since September 2020, the iPad Air 2019 no longer with us, because it is no longer in Apple’s range. The additional payment is the same for all products, regardless of whether you have a iPad Pro of around 900 euros or one iMac Pro of more than 5000 euros.

The promotion runs from July 9, 2020 to October 29, 2020, both in the online Apple Store and in physical stores.

Check it out here complete offer in the field of education discount.

Back to School 2020: gratis AirPods

Each year in the summer months through October, Apple hosts the Back to School promotion for students, their parents, and educators. The promotion means that you will receive a free gift with the purchase of a Mac or iPad for your studies. In addition, you are eligible for the cheaper education prices for Macs, iPads and other products.

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The promotion is only valid for a short time and is available to students in higher education, parents who have a Mac or iPad on behalf of a student and employees of educational institutions. They are not only eligible for an education discount, but also receive a free gift.

If you purchase an eligible Mac or iPad you will be given the option to add one of the three options for AirPods to your shopping cart when ordering. You do have to pay extra for the more expensive AirPods. Ultimately, the discount comes to € 147.93.

Back to School is one of the few times when Apple offers an extra discount on top of the education discount. Between 2015 and 2019 Apple a Beats product with the purchase, the previous years a gift card. You also get some extra discount on certain accessories, AppleCare+ and such.

Check out the fine print at the bottom of this page for the rules of the game.

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