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Backpack Oak 25 Luminant Back in the test

Sthat’s not nice. If you wear your construction worker vest every morning and evening in winter, the focus is not on appearance, but on safety. The vests use signal colors to warn drivers of road users on two wheels. Even more important than the color are reflective elements on the waistcoat or on the bike that reflect the headlights in the dark. The more reflection, the better.

Marco Dettweiler

Backpacks like “The Luminant Back” by Oak 25 are a nice and practical way for cyclists to wear something highly reflective while driving , collected in a Kickstarter project. Because the two have raised the necessary 20,000 euros, the backpack has now gone into series production. It costs 134 euros. This is a high price compared to other everyday backpacks.

The backpack convinced in the test. We strapped him on our backs and went cycling and walking longer distances through the city. The Luminant Back was our always-on bag for a week. If you look at it in the light, the functionality of the material is not noticeable. The gray color goes well with the black color of the zippers and the lower part, which is also black. Two compartments help to keep an overview while packing. The rear compartment has a place for the notebook, in the front a tablet can be protected. A small zip pocket inside and outside and two on the side are ideal for storing your wallet, keys or smartphone.

The design is also convincing.

The back is padded, the net-like structure should prevent you from sweating too much. As with many other backpacks, this does not work well, as we discovered during a five-kilometer march across Frankfurt. The T-shirt under the jacket was sweaty. The wearing comfort is commendable. The straps sit quite close together, which we like because the arms have their freedom when walking and cycling.

What is also commendable and should be a mandatory function of such backpacks is its stability. As long as there is no heavy notebook in the rear compartment, the Luminant Back stays on the floor when you put it down. What would be desirable is a waterproof material, such as for backpacks from Freitag and other manufacturers. This backpack kept the things inside dry for about half an hour in normal rain. But if it pours properly and you are on the bike longer, the water could probably penetrate something in one or the other place. However, we did not test this due to the lack of heavy rain.

Many other backpacks also have a good fit, chic design, well-designed interior and water-repellent material. Some of them are also significantly cheaper. What makes “The Luminant Back” is the highly reflective material that takes up more than two thirds of the surface. The gray color appears bright white when light shines on it. Pedestrians or cyclists can no longer be overlooked when the light from car headlights falls in their direction.

However, this effect does not appear so clearly when the light comes from above, for example from the lighting on sidewalks. Then the white lettering appears even lighter than the material that is hardly reflective in this case. Unless the next car meets the pedestrian.


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