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Bad coronavirus epidemic expected in autumn | Boost your city

Health expert and epidemiologist Karl Lauterbach (SPD) expects a second wave of corona infections in autumn 2020. The epidemologist finds the closure of northern Italy appropriate and necessary. The Italian government is trying to contain the epidemic and thereby prevent further infections. Most of the virus dies in spring. It will come back from autumn (we reported)

The expert commented on the Saarbrücker Zeitung. It is no longer possible to stop the virus because a critical number of infections has long been reached in Germany.

“The exit strategy is over. Now it must be possible to get as few cases into summer before we can expect a second, strong wave in autumn. Time must be used to better prepare healthcare. More people than now can be ventilated at the same time. There must be more isolation stations and more protective material for clinic staff and family doctors. “

In Germany, such “for the foreseeable future” is not in sight and is also difficult to implement, added Lauterbach.

Charité chief virologist Christan Drosten also warns of a worse corona wave after the summer. He demands that the intensive care beds be immediately upgraded. “It will be critical in autumn, that’s for sure. Then there will be countless undetected cases in the municipalities because the danger in summer is out of sight ”


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