Bad Religion and NOFX in Madrid: Punk rock never dies

The lights go out and the beer minis are flying, spilling over the audience in a frantic atmosphere of joy and commotion. And the pogo begins that does not stop: that old hardcore habit of hitting each other without losing the smile or, in some cases, the gallantry.

And from the stage,Bad Religion chained hymns one after the other.Vocalist Greg Graffin, looking bored with a thousand light years of punk rock vocalist, walks around the stage haranguing the 5,000 attendees who fill the 'ring' of the WiZink Center.

Public delivered from that sweaty soaked in beerthat manages to jump despite the fact that the feet are literally stuck to the ground. Some mobile phone also flies in the epicenter of the frenzy with Fuck you or Recipe for hate.

Old classics ofwhen the music was shared in precious cassette tapes, all of them much more chanted than the themes of the recent Age of Unreason, his new album against Donald Trump, which sounded that mellow half-time that is Lose your head that seems even from another group but that goes well to take a breath.

But the machinery returnswith Fuck armageddon … this is hell, Los Angeles is Burning or 21st Century (Digital Boy) before the definitive emergence with the always egregious American Jesus. There is no time for encores, but to finish the play with Infected and the quarrelsome Punk rock song.

The performance ofBad Religion, concise and straight to the point with a score of topics, is part, by the way, ofPunk in Drublic Festival,an itinerant punk feast devised byFat Mike from NOFX,another Californian band that, although it released its first eight albums with the Epitaph label, founded by the Bad Religion guitarist, Brett Gurewitz, are now theheadlinerbecause for that the idea is yours.

And the truth is that they were able to rise a little point the temperature of the place with a performance of the most festive with its punk rock formula that also drinks from the ska and reggae. Their chattering interludios between songs end up being somewhat scattered, but it is also true that a member of the organization had to appear on stage to ask in Spanish for the most impetuous audience to calm down a bit.

That was how deranged the environment was for the first rows. Because the time that NOFX was on the boards was a non-stopwith Les Champs-Élysées, Leave it Alone, Radio, Linoleum, The Brews or the final collective karaoke with Kill all the white man as the end of the party. A little carnival, but certainly with highly satisfactory results for most.

Maybe too much talk for an audience of thirty and many upthat takes advantage of this intense evening to remember not the years of glory ofBad Religion and NOFX, that too, but his own years ofsnatched youth. Old hymns as an excuse to remember all together handing out tow (literally) no matter that the recovery time is not that of yesteryear.The ritual is above the consequences.

After passing through Madrid, thisPunk in Drublic Festival-which also has Lagwagon, Mad Caddies, Less than Jake and The Bombpops- is now heading towards Barcelona (May 17, Poble Espanyol) and Vitoria (May 18, Iradier Arena). In both cities there are already locals warming up in the band eager to jump the pogo.

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