Bahraini people call for protests over normalization of Bahrain-Israel relations

King of Bahrain Raja Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, US President Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Source: AP Photo)

Manama, Kompas.TV- Normalization of the relationship between Israel and Bahrain on Friday (11/9/2020) it turned out that it was not fully supported by the citizens, figures and influential groups in that country. Even the community Bahrain who are known to be more vocal than the people in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), echoing the hashtag #Bahrainis_against_normalisation in cyberspace.

Opposition group Bahrain also rejected the Government’s decision Bahrain to normalize diplomatic relations with Israel. Even the Shia scholars are nationalities Bahrain who currently resides in Iran, calling on the people Bahrain to fight. Ayatollah scholar Sheikh Isa Qassim stated, the agreement between Israel and UAE in the last month and between Israel with Bahrain last Friday against the will of the people.

“The government has suffered a psychological defeat and wants to impose it on the people. The people must fight this defeat, “he said as quoted by Reuters.

In line with Ayatulloh Sheikh Isa, a group of political and civil society associations Bahrain, also against the deal. “The normalization deal will not get popular support. This goes with generations Bahrain who was raised in loyalty to the struggle Palestine, “Said the joint statement issued by the political association group.

A wave of criticism from the public on Bahrain it is not only aimed at normalizing relationships Bahrain and Israel, but also to the conference last June held in Manama. In that conference, United States of America launched a US $ 50 billion (IDR 750 trillion) economic formula for peace Israel and Palestine.

Previously, the Government Bahrain following the government UAE to normalize diplomatic relations with Israel. This was conveyed by US President Donald Trump in the post on his Twitter account after he spoke by telephone to the King Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and the Prime Minister Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

“This is really historic,” Trump told reporters at the Oval Office as quoted by Reuters. He believes other countries will follow UAE and Bahrain.


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