Baja California begins vaccination day for older adults and changes the traffic light to orange

TIJUANA- This Monday began the vaccination process against COVID-19 for adults 60 years or older in rural areas and far from the state, after 23,810 doses of vaccines arrived in the state; In addition, as of this Monday, the epidemiological traffic light in the state changed from red to orange.

According to the health secretariat, the elderly and those with greater comorbidities will be vaccinated completely in rural areas and then begin to vaccinate this group in rural areas.

The vaccination campaign was expected to begin on Wednesday, but it was decided to start on Monday with support from the Mexican army and the welfare brigades, reported Alonso Pérez Rico, Baja California’s health secretary.

The second dose of the coronavirus vaccine for medical personnel would begin on Wednesday, February 17, according to Pérez Rico.

“9,750 vaccines will come to us from Pfizer and we will start at the hospital sites,” he announced.


Sign outside a restaurant in Tijuana shows the capacity allowed during the different colors of the epidemiological traffic light in Baja California.

Baja California changes to an orange traffic light

As of this Monday, Baja California changed to an orange traffic light, after remaining on a red traffic light since December 5, 2020. Despite the fact that at the federal level the state is on a yellow traffic light, health authorities were cautious about infection booms in the border area.

At the orange traffic light, 65% of the influx will be allowed in gyms, spas and sports centers and shopping centers, cinemas and theaters will be able to operate with 50%.

According to the authorities, the bars, clubs and lounges will remain closed.

While hotels and restaurants may have up to 75% occupancy.

Churches will keep 25% capacity for Ash Wednesday

Although in the orange traffic light the churches are allowed a capacity of 50%, the health secretary reported that they would have made the decision to maintain their capacity of 25% on Ash Wednesday that takes place on February 17 with the eagerness to prevent a coronavirus outbreak, reported Perez Rico.

This Monday, 681 active cases were reported in Baja California: 273 in Tijuana, 217 in Mexicali, 118 in Ensenada, 35 in San Quintín, 22 in Playas de Rosarito, 9 in Tecate and 7 in San Felipe.

Five additional deaths and 25 COVID-19 cases were confirmed statewide, bringing the death toll to 7,084 of the 42,344 patients who have tested positive for the coronavirus since the pandemic began last year.


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