Baldur’s Gate 3 Review – Buy, Budget or Demolish?

This is now a game that we have long looked forward to with many people on the editorial board. From the moment Larian Studios showed the first footage of Baldur’s Gate 3, the majority of our own editorial team was completely sold. earlier JJ & Daan were allowed to peek during a livestream demo an hour before the release. Which tempted the two to utter the words: ‘Gosh, how cool this can get. Since last Wednesday we can really get started on Baldur’s Gate 3. The game is out. Still in the form of an Early Access. And that gives us a contradictory feeling. that there is something, but of course we prefer to see a complete game released. But fuck that, we’re just going to do a Baldur’s Gate 3 Review in progress.

The gates are opened..

Our gentlemen did not have patience. That was already known. The desire to play this game was huge. And with that the fear that it might be disappointing. Because that is the question. We are looking forward to a top notch RPG and we think Larian can make it. But we now want to get proof of that assumption. Did our southern neighbors from Larian Studio’s deliver a top notch game or not …

Early Access to hell

A small taste of the game has of course already been seen in the UltraWide Wednesday stream. Then Skate & Jelle sat behind the desk to enter the wonderful world of the game .. But that was nowhere near enough for the review. That is why Daan & Jelle have given the game a lot of extra work over the past few days. How them these game finally gave birth? You’re going to see it in this Baldur’s Gate 3 Review. In progress because it is an immense game and Early Access, so plenty is going to happen in the near future.

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