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Baldwin, Stiller and Armisen perform SNL on "Do not Cry for Me, Argentina"

The cold opening of this week has brought familiar faces on "Saturday Night Live". (SNL)

The cold opening of this week's "Saturday Night Live" featured well-exploited territories, such as her humor that echoes a title and a plethora of guest stars, but there were still some surprises in her sleeve.

Among them, Alec Baldwin was back in the series and made famous President Trump. Baldwin is one of the mainstays of the series since Trump entered the political world, but at the beginning of last month, the actor was arrested and charged with assault in New York after a dispute over a parking took a violent turn.

Baldwin denied the allegation of parking in a pair of tweets, saying, "I realize that it has become a sport to score people with so many negative charges … and to defame them. allegations as much as possible for entertainment purposes by clickbait. "

A few days later, ABC pushed off Baldwin's talk show on Saturday night – often a lethal blow to a television show.

As all this unfolded, SNL moved the center of its cold opening. The last two new episodes imagined a version of "The Ingraham Angle," in which Kate McKinnon sang Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

On Saturday, the show found the format that has served it well for the last two years, even if it was tired – imagining Trump and the strange group of characters talking about the investigation led by the special advocate Robert S. Mueller III.

The show, however, referred to Baldwin's problems: at one point, as Trump, he said, "My God, I have not been so upset since I jumped on this parking spot. "

But most of them simply hit the headlines, as usual.

It opened, for example, with Cecilia Strong's Trump Baldwin and Melania Trump standing on a balcony at the G-20 summit in Argentina.

"I have trouble sleeping. I continue to have this nightmare where I walk through a forest of blood, "says Trania to Melania, who replies," No, no, it was just my Christmas decorations. That's a reference to rows of red trees in the white house unveiled last week, causing a lot of headaches while people were trying to find out if they were pretty or, as has been said the Washington Post, "scary".

Other old favorites came back in the sketch. McKinnon reproached Rudolph W. Giuliani, adding this time a new detail: now, the former mayor of New York is a literal vampire.

"I was hanging upside down under the balcony," says Giuliani. Later in the sketch, before extending the bat wings, Giuliani of SNL said, "I have to do some shopping before sunrise."

Ben Stiller returns as Michael Cohen, while SNL's Trump calls him at night.

"I'm sad you're in prison, Michael. You are like a son to me, "says SNL's Trump.

"So why are you making me do so much illegal?" Says Stiller's Cohen.

"Because you are like a son to me," answers the answer.

Finally, Beck Bennett plays again a shirtless Vladimir Putin and Fred Armisen returns to his old series as Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Both make jokes about the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Putin remembers asking the Crown Prince whether he had participated in Khashoggi's death, to which the award to Armisen's crown said, "Of course I did not, on the opposite day."

The Crown Prince of the show also said, "When I killed this guy the other day, Trump said," Please, tell me you do not have it. Did not do it. "I was like:" B —-, do you want oil or not? "? & # 39; "

The joke, other than not being funny, was uncomfortable and considered by many to be disrespectful.

The cold opening, however, is over on a surprising note. All the characters then came back to sing a Trump-themed version of "Do not Cry for Me, Argentina," the song of the musical "Evita".

"Do not cry for me Argentina, the truth is that I am very guilty. A little non-nose and a bit of betrayal, I kept my promise, oops, no, that's right, "sings Baldwin's Trump.

Stiller's Cohen sings, "It's just a witch hunt," before everyone rings: "And we're all witches."

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