Bale has already seen what awaits him


Bale was left without playing against Betis and did not say goodbye to the Bernabéu. Nor did he want to say goodbye, the truth, of those who whistle at him. And he says he plans to continue at Real Madrid. Zidane has already spoken, in every way.

Your agent, Barnett, meditate that if you do not play you should think about it. Because Zidane has told him, in word and deed, that he will not have him next season. He has not played any of the last three meetings with the white team. He has been a substitute for Brahim, Vinicius, Lucas and in a few weeks they will sign Hazard, who also moves on the left wing, and Jovic. You really do not care? Keylor's case is totally different. He wins and is loved, but he is 32 years old and Courtois, with 36, is the one chosen to lead the goal for five years. Bale, on the other hand, has tired Zidane and Solari, tired of their lack of attitude.

If he stays, which is in his right, he has a card until 2022, he will not be the protagonist. He will collect his millionaire salary and nothing else. But if he loses pace of competition it will affect his performance with his Welsh team. It's not trivial. We will see what happens until the month of August. Nobody thinks that it will hold this situation.

Do you really care not to play and be a substitute for Hazard, Brahim and Vinicius? Nobody believes it. It seems more a position of strength before agreeing a transfer

Without playing a minute in the last three days of the League for his lack of attitude, Bale got rid of the anger that Zidane gave his team in Anoeta, where Real Madrid lost 3-1 after getting ahead on the scoreboard with a goal by Brahim . The technician entered the dressing room at the end of the match, slammed the door and snapped at his men that you could not play like that, without any intensity, as if everything was done after 0-1. He told them that they train every week to do things well and then perform these inadmissible games for lack of sacrifice. His pupils fell silent and bowed their heads. It also happened in Vallecas, where Bale ended the patience of Zinedine for his carelessness on the lawn. The Welshman is the only veteran in the first discard list of French for the next campaign. The rest are young people who require minutes. The secret key of the coach with a view to the next course is that he wants players made to win the next League. The club can not wait to forge so many kids, it must return to the successes immediately. It is the reason for your decisions. And Bale no longer enters into his project.

The technician demands a change and a reaction: Bale was freed in Anoeta from the quarrel of Zidane for a lack of attitude that today does not expect to see more

Today the league curtain is thrown at the Bernabéu, a prelude to the remodeling of the stadium, and Bale did not say a minute with Real Madrid (and Keylor Navas, too). «Zizou» summoned him because he has no more men in the squad to measure against Betis, given the losses of Ramos, Odriozola, Mariano, Casemiro and Vallejo. Neither has Ceballos concentrated, suffering from an overload, a man who will be transferred this summer. That list of transferable is headed by the British striker.

Bale, say goodbye to whom?
The person in charge of Real Madrid did not think to give minutes to "Gareth", because he does not have to say goodbye to anyone, the truth. A sector of the public has punctured him in the last appointments, once just step on the lawn, and number eleven has answered with combs "Welsh." Today he could be whistled again instead of being applauded for his hypothetical goodbye. Neither the coach nor the player think of a farewell to the fans. What Zidane does reflect is that Bale should think of saying goodbye to Real Madrid, because he will not play with him anymore. The situation analysis goes beyond the sports chapter and is introduced in the personal aspect.

Winning the League: «Zizou» discards young people like Llorente, Ceballos and Reguilón for the future because their goal is a seasoned team, made, to win titles immediately. After the failure of this campaign, the Frenchman believes that the entity can not wait any longer to return to success

Bale has been concentrated in Valdebebas to prepare today's game, but football is disconnected. His lack of delivery in the matches shows that he no longer likes competition football. It is his profession, the means of life that allowed him to reach the greatest, but today he does not fill it. It is the path he chose to win fourteen titles and even decide, as he did in Kiev with two goals, as he did against Atlético in Lisbon with the 2-1, as he did against Barcelona in the Mestalla Cup, as he did in the World Cup of Clubs of Morocco. But now it is not delivered in football. He prefers golf.

Bale in Madrid: 14 titles. Four Champions, four Club World Cups, three European Super Cups, one Spanish League, one Copa del Rey and one Spanish Super Cup

He is mentally disconnected from the competition. And his attitude expresses that he is not connected with the team. Go for free. It is not integrated with the group. If he was almost always individualist, now he is observed that he is not united to the staff. Their discards and substitutions have aggravated the situation.

Four times decisive: decisive goal at Barcelona, ​​2-1, in the 2014 Copa del Rey final, at Mestalla. Cabeceó the 2-1 to Atletico in the Champions of Lisbon. He scored the San Lorenzo 2-0 at the 2014 Club World Cup. He also scored two goals against Liverpool in the 2018 Champions League.

One of the consequences of this reality is that Bale reiterates that he has a contract until 2022, feels "at ease in Real Madrid" and plans to fulfill them. If he had ambition to prove that he is a figure, he would do it in the white set or he would like to do it in another team. Last year, after sentencing the Champions with two goals, he explained that if he did not play he should leave. The goodbye of Christian stopped a safe transfer. This season he had the opportunity to be "the star" that his agent, Barnett, touts. He has disappointed. Now he observes that Zidane does not count on him for the future and does not manifest at any moment the desire to play well in another club and silence mouths. He turns 30 in July and has been gentrified.

He has scored 109 goals since 2014: his record was the 22 scored in the 2013-14 campaign. In the current season he has 14. And 231 games in total: he lost 84 because of the 25 injuries that slowed his performance in the club

Jonathan Barnett vindicates Bale and warns that if they want to transfer him, they should value the money he charges on file. The phrase says it all. The English agent gets defensive and does not address the crux of the matter: Bale wants to continue at Real Madrid without talking a moment of performance, or delivery. There is also a disconnect between Bale's accommodating posture and Barnett's thoughts, which does not realize the seriousness of the behavior of the soccer player who is the flag of his agency of representation. The external image of the soccer player in Madrid is negative. It seems as if he only wanted to collect his contract until 2022 and nothing else, without thinking about playing well and whoever pays him that millionaire. At no time does he talk about improving his level. The proxy should dialogue with Bale and attack these open fronts, because the cache deteriorates.

And do you want to continue as an alternate?
There is an objective fact: Zidane has not counted on Bale in the last two years for his lack of attitude and would not mind following a third season as a luxury substitute. The technician does not believe in him and talks about remaining in the template. It is not normal. "I have been very clear," said Zinedine after leaving him off the list against Villarreal and Real Sociedad. It must be said with sincerity: Bale is not going to play next season at Real Madrid. If you lock yourself in your position and keep it, and it is in your right by contract, you will belong to the team and you will be charged. Barnett must already work on the transfer for the good of his agency's banner. Keeping it that way will hurt your market value. (tagsToTranslate) realmadrid (t) bale (t) threeparties (t) sinjugar


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