Balkany case: the family legacy as a line of defense


Third day of the trial of the Balkany Cup before the 32nd chamber of the Paris Criminal Court. The mayor LR of Levallois-Perret, tried for tax evasion drew a family legacy accusing the tax authorities of overvaluing his wealth. The answer to long questions about his lavish lifestyle and cash flowing around him.

Rubint complexion and grumbling deaf, the former deputy was seething since the opening of his trial Monday to be able to express himself. He began with a long introductory remark: "I must speak to you about my father". Very eloquent, the elected one tells this resistant survivor of Auschwitz who made fortune in the resale of an American military stock then in the ready-to-wear, and concealed his millions in Switzerland. Helvetian wealth Patrick Balkany repatriated 6 million francs in the late 1980s. He then sold his shares in the family business for 33 million, a "suspicious assignment" because overvalued according to the accusation.

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"I hate corruption"

In parallel, his wife Isabelle – also tried, but still hospitalized after a suicide attempt in early May – withdraws 4 million francs from a sale of family shares, then touches 10 more on a Swiss account in 1995. She recovers in 2008 nearly 2 million euros after the sale of family art objects. As for the cash that floods the file, it comes from the family coffers and the discreet resale of paternal gold bars, says Patrick Balkany: "I do not think there are many French who declare what there is under the mattress ". These species, "there are more", tax difficulties oblige. But at the time, "it was necessary to use them", for example by paying cash 87 000 euros of air tickets in "business class" between 2010 and 2013.

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But where former employees have described cash bonuses, he denies. Big cuts spilling everywhere, from the hairdresser of his mill Giverny (Eure) to the pockets of his bathrobe? "It's not our style" "We ate our capital but we lived well," continues the tribune. "I hate corruption," he says, whispering in the room, "what we spent is our money."

Tennis "deformed" and "sea air"

If they admit to having failed to declare part of their inheritance, the Balkany refute any undervaluation of the rest of their heritage. The tax authorities, which filed a complaint in 2015, amount to 4 million euros in taxes on income and wealth. The couple had not paid EWB between 2010 and 2015 despite assets estimated by the administration to 16 million euros in 2011, 2012 or 2013. A figure largely overvalued, swears Patrick Balkany.

The mill would not count 11 rooms as the investigators said, but four. Despite 1.8 million euros of work in Giverny since 1986, the pool would be "good to redo", the tennis "distorted". As for the villa Pamplemousse of Saint-Martin, which Isabella Balkany has admitted buying with Swiss money, it was in his opinion a financial pit because of the work induced by the "sea air" or the hurricanes, and the fisc would increase its value.

"We are not at the show"

"I do not have a crazy love for this administration", "but if all the bad payers were paying as much as me, we would have no more problems in France!", Quipped the city. The president showered the laughter of the audience: "We are not at the show". Asked about the exotic financial arrangement surrounding the villa Pamplemousse, he claims to have "discovered" during the investigation "these companies who were wandering".

As for the riad of Marrakech, whose investigators believe that it is held by the Balkany, "we are absolutely not owners," sweeps the elected. This villa is at the heart of a procedure for money laundering and corruption that will be judged separately, from May 20 to June 20. The political animal, which turns several times to brick red while fighting against the national prosecutor's office (PNF) or the tax attorney, is caressing at the end of the hearing: "I would have been nice to be before you, "he told the president. "I would have preferred to have coffee with you".

He says he still has "not at all a venal report to money". Which, however, "provides joys, pleasure, comfort". The requisitions of the PNF for the only crime of tax fraud are expected Thursday.


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