Ban on visits extended until the end of the lockdown

The situation came to a head in autumn
Carinthia presented an Austria-wide exception in the first Corona months: not a single positive case was registered with a resident by the end of summer. In the autumn months the situation changed – in Carinthia, as in all other federal states, there were infections and deaths. The first corona death in a Carinthian nursing home occurred on October 14. So far, 43 people from nursing homes have died from or with the corona virus.

Home workers are tested weekly
“We take our responsibility very seriously and are taking all measures to help contain the virus. It is about the health protection of the home residents, even more – it is about their lives, ”said the health officer. The employees would be tested for the virus weekly using antigen tests. The tests are delivered centrally via the federal government, namely via AGES. The extension of the visit ban was positively received by the home operators.

The ban on visits to the Kabeg houses will also be extended – as in the nursing homes until December 6th. Then the situation will be evaluated.

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