Banco Santander announces that it will relocate all those affected by the ERE


Banco Santander has begun the formal negotiation of the ERE with the unions this Thursday and in the first meeting has committed to the unions
to relocate 100% of those affected by the ERE with which it aims to reduce 3,700 jobs
, with the condition that they want to continue working outside the entity, have informed sources of the negotiation.

Specifically, the entity has announced to the unions that it has hired an Adecco group company specializing in relocations to offer a new job position to those who wish to continue working after not being part of the staff of Santander.

The program that has been hired by the bank chaired by Ana Botín will have an unlimited duration until the repositioning of all employees who request it and consolidation in the new job position.

In the past, Santander has also resorted to the same relocation company to look for jobs for those affected by its workforce adjustment plans, but this plan is "much more ambitious" because it is committed to finding a job at all who wants it and dedicate the time that is necessary for it.

The precedent of 2016
In the ERE of 2016, with which 1,380 employees left the bank, 100% of the workers who wanted to remain active were relocated to other jobs.

After the purchase of Banco Popular in the summer of 2017, the bank negotiated another adjustment in February 2018 that involved the departure of 1,100 workers and 73% of those who asked to be relocated, have achieved so far and are expected to reach the 100% in the second half of this year.

The agreement signed by Santander with the relocation company involves making available to the affected ERE unlimited access to consulting sessions to analyze their professional profile and define alternatives that best fit their objectives and expectations.

They will also receive financial, patrimonial, fiscal and Social Security advice and will focus on the older workers, who according to the plan exposed to the unions, will receive special attention, as will other groups with greater difficulty for their labor incorporation. .


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