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BANDAI NAMCO Brings Gundam: Evolution to the West

Games in which the Gundams and mobile suits from different timelines compete against each other are not exactly a rarity anymore. Yet here in the West we only get a fraction of those games.

However, Gundam Evolution, a 6v6 competitive multiplayer first-person shooter starring the mechs, will be making an appearance here. This is how BANDAI NAMCO revealed last night in the State of Play. The game will pit players against each other in three modes, Point Capture, Domination and Destruction, with a choice of twelve robots (to start with). More bots can then be purchased with in-game credits or microtransactions.

Which twelve machines will welcome starters is still a mystery, but BANDAI NAMCO has already revealed that at least RX-78-2 GUNDAM (one of the first Gundams in the original series) and ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos from IRON -BLOODED ORPHANS will be among the choices.

“Rooted in the values ​​of hope, peace, togetherness and victory, the essence of the Gundam brand is captured in Gundam: Evolution,” said Kazuya Maruyama, Executive Producer at BANDAI NAMCO Online. “We can’t wait for franchise veterans of all ages, whose Gundam fan base has started at various points in the series’ 40-year history, and novices can unite together on the Gundam: Evolution battlefield and battle it out with their favorite mobile suits from the Gundam series and more.”

“Gundam: Evolution strives for a balance between accessibility and mastery, making it the perfect shooter for all players of all skill levels to experience solo or with a group of friends,” continued Ryota Hogaki, Gameplay Director of BANDAI NAMCO Online. “With several powerful mobile suits at their disposal, we hope players around the world will grasp the thrill of epic mecha combat and fall in love with Gundam: Evolution.”

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