Bandung City is Alert, There are Active Positive Covid-19 Patients in All Districts, More than 200 People

Report of Tribun Jabar Reporter, Nazmi Abdurahman

TRIBUNJABAR.ID, BANDUNG – Citizen Bandung must be vigilant.

Because now all districts in Bandung it turns red in the case Covid-19.

Based on the Information center Covid-19 (Pusicov) Bandung, currently 30 districts in Bandung back in red.

Coordinator for Planning, Data, Study and Task Force Analysis Covid-19 Bandung, Ahyani Raksanagara said that in the 30 sub-districts there were cases positive active Covid-19, so that it returns red.

“The cases are spread across all sub-districts. However, it is more important to handle micro-scale in the sub-district and to get along with the residents by activating the tough villages that already exist in 151 sub-districts,” said Ahyani, when contacted, Tuesday (9/15/2020).

Previously, in July 2020 there were already 14 sub-districts in Bandung that is case free positive active Covid-19.

Back then, cases positive active Covid-19 of Bandung there were only 33 cases left.

Now, the trend of the spread of the corona virus is back high. As of September 13, 2020, there were 210 cases positive active Covid-19 of Bandung, this number continues to increase in line with the massive testing conducted by the Health Office.

According to Ahyani, the increase in cases occurred because the examination was quite massive by tracking people without symptoms.

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