Bannon, who was a consultant on the white house, tries out an old stone at Tride Tride aide


The former White House strategies, Steve Bannon, come to give evidence in Roger Stone's criminal trial, former campaign consultant with US President Donald Trump, on charges convincing Congress, preventing justice and t a witness who entered the US District Court in Washington, USA, November 8, 2019. REUTERS / James Lawler Duggan

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The US government asked Friday, the White House Advisor, Steve Bannon on the stand where he tried former president Donald Trump, Roger Stone.

Bannon, wearing all black, appeared to answer questions about Stone – “dirty tricterter trick” and “agent provocateur” – pleading not guilty for charges to prevent justice, interfere with a witness and become a impressed on US House of Representatives Information Committee.

Reporting by Sarah N. Lynch; Writing with Lisa Lambert; Edited by Chris Reese

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