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Barbara de Regil’s colleagues “mocked” by exercise videos

by drbyos

Exercise or not with Barbara de Regil in this quarantine it has already passed to second term.

At this time of staying home for the Covid-19 coronavirus The actress has used her social networks to do live broadcasts by exercising and inviting her audience to activate every day.

But more than following his routines, he has become a phenomenon on the web due to the number of memes and reactions he has received from both social network users and other celebrities, and these are some of the Internet favorites.

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The Derbez “fail”

Jose Eduardo He gave his peculiar style of humor to one of Barbara’s routines. Drenched in sweat, and with enough difficulties to make each movement, the actor recorded a video where to top it off he is seen eating potato chips and even drinking a beer. but that yes smiling.

His sister, Aislinn Derbez she did the same by sharing a video from her bed where although she tries to follow Barbara in the end she falls asleep.

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Pets react

On Facebook, Barbara is also a success and one of the memes that has the most reproductions, despite the fact that it was created a day ago, mixes the video of the actress with images of very happy animals listening to her instructor:

“Let no one take this away from you, this is yours, it is your smile!” Says Barbara to give rise to the video of a smiling puppy.

Celebrities react

The one who has given us two beautiful videos is Elán who first uploaded one eating cereal while watching the routine of Barbara and, yes, following the directions of the actress sharing a big smile.

In another video where she appears to be just getting up, she tries to follow Barbara’s screams.

“Today’s training was very bastard but we did it,” wrote Elán.

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And because the rockers could not be left behind, Francisco Ramos “El mastuerzo” joined the euphoria … but smoking what is apparently marijuana since while Barbara asks for smiles he follows her but at the same time he is lighting a pipe.


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