Barbie Vélez, between the quarantine with her boyfriend at Nazarena’s house and the return to the theater: “I needed to have my head on the job”

Barbie Vélez

After seven months of inactivity, due to the quarantine due to the coronavirus halting all the work projects he had, Barbie Vélez goes back to work in the middle of the pandemic. The actress will star Herman@s with Paula Morales in a work that has a single script but is divided into two: that is, they will perform an interpretation, while Rodrigo noya Y Santiago Caamaño – Boyfriend of Nazarena Vélez– They will do the same show but counted from the male version.

“Beyond my actions through my social networks, it is the first thing I do in quarantine. And it seems to me that it comes at the right time because We’ve been out of work for a long time and you don’t know what to do anymore. I needed to have my head set on the job, in what I like and enjoy ”, says Barbie in an exclusive interview with Teleshow.

The actress lives with her boyfriend, Lucas Rodriguez –Son of Fabián Rodríguez, who was the husband of Nazarena Vélez– three and a half years ago. However, in March, when President Alberto Fernández issued preventive and mandatory social isolation, they decided to settle in the house of the producer in Tigre. “As he was not going to be able to leave, I cannot be long without seeing my mother and Thiago -who is the brother of both-, that’s why we decided to come here.”

Last September, Thiago celebrated his 10 years with his brothers (Barbie, Lucas and Chyno Agostini), Nazarena Vélez and Santiago Caamaño (Instagram)
Last September, Thiago celebrated his 10 years with his brothers (Barbie, Lucas and Chyno Agostini), Nazarena Vélez and Santiago Caamaño (Instagram)

Since then, he has spent his days with Nazarena Vélez, his younger brother Thiago, his mother’s boyfriend, Santiago Caamaño, and his partner, Lucas. “Like everyone else, we never knew it was going to be that long. At first we came with a bag to stay 15 days. As it spread, we saw that we were all very good together. The house is much bigger, there is an environment for everyone and it was more comfortable than being in our apartment ”, she highlights about the home she shares with her boyfriend. “He gets along amazing with all the members of the family.”

Although Barbie and Lucas have been living in Nazarena’s house for seven months, Barbie clarifies that she helps at home both with cleaning tasks, as with Thiago’s school activities, and also with the financial situation. “I am already grown up and I can contribute. We all help with what we can “, indicates who should also continue to maintain their department, where they are currently making spare parts.

How does the quarantine go through? “It was a roller coaster of emotions. There were better days, other worse. About every time it lengthened, because the uncertainty of not knowing how we were going to continue appeared, the work projects that were falling. It was difficult, but I feel that within everything I could to surf quite well ”, he tells about his experience, and clarifies:“ Anyway, he was not left behind. This follows”.

Barbie Vélez and her boyfriend, Lucas Rodríguez
Barbie Vélez and her boyfriend, Lucas Rodríguez

“I have a lot of empathy for people who are really having a hard time. Emotionally and emotionally I feel privileged, ”continues who is also in charge of helping her brother Thiago with his homework. “Was a win-win for all. The issue is to see now how long it lasts and how it can continue. “

Herman@s It was originally written and intended to be made in a theater on Corrientes Street last year. But it was postponed because the actors failed to match their work schedules. “And seeing that this year, at least in the near future, theaters are not going to open, we decided to do it by streaming,” says the actress, who recorded her version two months ago at the Premiere Theater.

Unlike other shows that carry out the live broadcast, this project was decided to record it with the aim that there would be no problem with the platform. “The work will be seen from a cell phone, computer or any other device, that is why it was recorded with three cameras, to be able to show the different shots that are not seen in the theater ”, says who opens next Friday. On Saturday, meanwhile, the version of Noya and Caamaño is launched.

The idea is to be able to provide entertainment. In addition, the price is accessible, since with one ticket the whole family can see it “, he continues about the tickets, which have the value of $ 300 for a single work and $ 500 for both.

The first trials had been through the Zoom application. “It was very strange also because there are delay, or one was cut off the signal “. Until they could meet at the theater, salute each other, and start work. On the day of the recording, all the conditions indicated in the sanitary protocol that they approved for it to be carried out were met. “There were many administrative procedures, too there was an ambulance at the door, just in case. Furthermore, only the actors who were on stage could be without masks, ”says who also had no contact with his cast partner. “We do not approach or touch.”

“It is a challenge for us to learn to work like this because, without a doubt, streaming is here to stay. We are learning and we do not know what will happen, “he concludes. Barbie Vélez.

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