Barça looking for a historic feat in the final of the Champions

Just a month ago, Barça aspired to seven European Cups. One more year, the greatness of the club covered most of its sections, but the disasters they were happening. Last weekend the roller hockey he joined the disappointments of the men of Valverde, basketball, futsal and youth of the Youth League. Only the handball and the Women's Football, that looks out this Saturday to its great day. In Budapest The fascinating adventure of the girls of Lluís Cortés. The Lyon wait in the last challenge.

There was no worse possible rival to face the first end of the history of a Spanish club in the Women's European Cup. The French team is a winning machine. Three consecutive Championships (five in total), 13 Leagues followed with a single defeat in 110 games and a full squad of stars, starting by Ada Hegerberg, the Norwegian winner Golden Ball. The bookmakers pay to 8 euros the triumph of the Barça and to 1,25 the one of the French picture.

More than 1,000 culés fans

Nothing external presages a culé success. But the Barça expedition overflows delusion. They have rowed a lot to get to Hungary and only the final effort remains. At 6:00 pm, the ball will start shooting in the most important match in the history of a section that began its European journey in 2012. Then it fell in the first round against the Arsenal. This Saturday he will fight for the title in a final full of expectation which will be attended more than 1,000 culés fans.

The professionalization of the section in 2015 was a fundamental breakthrough to consolidate a boom that has found in the tools company Stanley the ideal partner. The sponsorship agreement reports 3.5 million annually to women's football, which has become the only profitable section of the club.

From Kazakhstan to Hungary

Things have not worked in the league in recent years, but the fantastic European march compensates for that. The Athletic revalidated his hegemony in the Spanish tournament, but the draw It was not benevolent with the rojiblancas in the Champions League. Al Barça, on the other hand, was the friendly side of the table and now faces the last step before the champion, who left him out last year in the quarters.

It all began on September 12 with the unexpected defeat in Kazakhstan (3-1) that made fear the worst. The team reacted in the Mini (3-0) and opened a wonderful path that had its penultimate battle against a Bayern who succumbed to the tenacity and quality of the players Cuts, the technician who relieved Fran Sánchez in January and has already renewed until 2020.

Part of the process

"The sensations they are very good. Getting here is a dream for everyone, but it is not the end of the process. This game can finish marking history, but we must continue without giving up our identity. The commitment to women's football will continue, "the coach reflected.

In a game it is more possible to surprise Lyon than in a tie. That has been the repeated message all week long. The recent precedent of the Copa de la Reina, with the triumph of Real society against Atlético, supports this theory. The French box also suffered against the Chelsea in the semifinals. Nobody is invincible and the three-time champions have their weak points, especially when they lose the ball after one of their dizzying attacks. Take advantage of those moments and keep a clean sheet, which has been achieved Sandra Cloths in the last seven European games, they are the ingredients to aspire to the crown.

Curious promises

The withdrawal by sanction of Hamraoui is the great drama of Barça, who will once again trust in the safety of his goalkeeper, the solvency of Mapi León, the leadership of Vicky Losada and the goals of his lethal pair formed by Toni Duggan and Lieke Martens. "We know that Lyon are very good team, but we have a lot of desire. It is the best possible match. I'm very excited, wanting to play. It will be very interesting, do not miss it, he predicted the Dutch star, intended precisely by Lyon.

"We are not here to see if the Bell. We are a team that wants to win, that has a golden opportunity and wants to take advantage of it, "he proclaimed. Mariona Caldentey The playmaker is will dye blonde if the club is proclaimed champion. The same will do the mister. Other players have opted for hard promises, such as Vicky, willing to make a triathlon if you lift the Cup in Budapest. Alexia Putellas I would emulate Piqué and go to the program 'La Resistencia'. If there is a Catalan degree, you can prepare your questions David Broncano.

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