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Barça will make an ERTO and will ask players to voluntarily lower their pay (Martí Molina)

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An ERTO for some Barça employees and asking players to voluntarily reduce their pay. These are the measures agreed by the club’s board of directors, which met through a video conference on Thursday, to try to minimize the effects of Covid-19. The entity, however, will be sensitive to employees with less resources when applying this measure.

In the next hours and days, this measure will be completed and closed, which from Barça is seen as the “only” way to make up for the loss of income. “We are left without a single euro in cash. We do not enter anything. It is as if we are in a war situation. We have never imagined a scenario like this,” commented club sources. In this way, the Barça organization will do “the same thing” as all the companies that have lowered the blind due to the coronavirus alarm have done so. “The impact of the closure on revenue is bestial and the only thing that can be done is analyze the expenses. The main ones are related to salaries and salaries,” they add.

The socio-economic situation of workers will be taken into account

This ERTO will not affect the club as a whole, only part of it, and noble offices emphasize that “the socio-economic realities of each one will be taken into account.” “It will be a well done ERTO,” they say. A portion of the salary will be paid by the state and, in some cases, Barça may pay the difference so that workers, especially those with lower incomes, do not lose their purchasing power. But this particular point must be finalized.

Following the board’s online meeting, the club has issued one release He explained that the economic point had been dealt with special emphasis and that “different scenarios” had been studied. Although the text did not specify the measures, the ARA has been able to determine what they will be.

The club is confident that the players will collaborate

The weakest point is what affects the players, who are basically the ones who take the main part of the cake: $ 507 million, according to this season’s budget. Much of that money has already been paid throughout the year – because it also came with TV contracts, membership fees, and ticketing and marketing – but there are still millions left to pay. And at a time when none is generated, the only solution is for players to voluntarily agree to lower their pay.

“If a mileurist makes the effort, so must the players,” they say at the Camp Nou

“We are confident they will. If a millile worker is to make an effort, it would not be understood that someone with their income level did not do this,” they say. In the coming days they will contact you and transfer the situation to you. “We don’t do it to upset anyone, we do it because we have no choice but to believe that the partners will be on our side,” they say from the top instances of the entity.

Club sources therefore expect this gesture of goodwill. And in the event that there was no mediate what would be the next step. “Barça is strong, but not immortal. That must be done yes or no,” they argue.

ERTOs reach the world of football

ERTOs reach the world of football

“Income That Will Never Return”

Even if the competition resumes, which is the will of Barça and also of the League, many of these revenues will not be recoverable. That the rest of the season’s games can be played, reopening the doors of the museum, Camp Nou and shops will allow cash back in, “but never let go of the winnings never pay off. “, say Barca sources. In addition, there is a fear that once the alarm state is over, it may take many weeks and months for the situation to return to normal. “We’ll see when the tourists come back, how many people come to our premises or buy us t-shirts.”

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