Barcelona Really Almost Disbanded


Barcelona reveals how badly the old management handled the club. Barca CEO Ferran Reverter said the club would have disbanded if it were in the form of PT.

Barcelona is entangled in a severe financial crisis. Currently, the debt of the Catalan club is reported to reach 1.5 billion euros or around Rp. 24.8 trillion.

A small part of the debt is player transfers amounting to Rp 1.8 trillion. This crisis was triggered by poor management of Barcelona before and was exacerbated by the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The crisis also made Barcelona lose Lionel Messi for free. They still have to cut wages significantly, including sacking Antoine Griezmann and loaning him to Atletico Madrid.

Barcelona CEO Ferran Reverter revealed that the old management under Josep Maria Bartomeu was so haphazard running the club. One of them is in terms of player transfers, with the example of buying Griezmann when the club had absolutely no funds.

“In March, we found ourselves in a negative financial condition. If Barcelona is a limited liability company, then the situation leads to dissolution,” said Ferran Reverter when delivering the results of the club’s financial audit, Wednesday (6/10/2021).

“The club was handled very badly before, with all improvisation. They (the old management) launched the Espai Barca project and the signing of the players was sloppy.”

“Since April 2021, Barcelona has no money to operate,” he added.

For the record, Barcelona is owned by supporters, or so-called Socis (club members). Currently there are about 144 thousand sausages that determine the direction of the club.

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Barcelona is still carrying out investigations and forensic analysis of transactions under the old management. Management is looking for evidence of irregularities that occurred.

“During the period 2016-2020) revenue grew by 30% and club spending rose by 55%. When Barcelona had to prepare for the biggest project in their history (Espai Barca), they had already lost money,” added Reverter.

Espai Barca is a renovation project for Camp Nou, as well as the construction of the Estadi Johann Cruyff and Campus Barca.

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