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Barr’s hearing will address whether John Durham has “adequate resources”

Republicans hope to learn more about US attorney John Durham’s review of Russia’s investigation when Attorney General William Barr testifies next month.

Representative Doug Collins, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, offered some information on Sunday about questions he and his GOP colleagues might ask about the secret investigation.

“I want to learn more about Durham’s investigation,” said the Georgia Republican on Fox News Futures on Sunday morning with the host Maria Bartiromo. “Are there still adequate resources, everything you need there?”

Barr was called in to testify by House Democrats, who seek answers on the conduct of the Justice Department, including the reduced sentencing recommendation for longtime partner Trump Roger Stone and issues related to Russia and Ukraine.

Republicans have their priorities. According to Collins, the GOP side will focus on why the Justice Department abandoned its criminal investigation into former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe and the reform of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act following a DOJ audit report.

The hearing is scheduled for March 31.

Durham, Connecticut’s chief prosecutor, was assigned to Barr’s review of Russia’s investigation, which said last spring “some of the facts” surrounding the investigation “do not coincide with official explanations of what happened. “. Democrats criticized the review as a politically motivated scheme to undermine the work of ex-special adviser Robert Mueller and attack the enemies perceived by President Trump.

In October, Fox News reported that Durham expanded the investigation, expanding his team to include additional agents and resources as the time frame they were looking at extended in 2017. A few weeks later, Durham was revealed to have opened a criminal investigation in his investigations, which gave the federal prosecutor the power to bread a jury and hand over the charges. Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, who edited a key document in FISA’s documents relating to former campaign consultant Trump Carter Page, is the only person publicly known to be under criminal investigation by Durham.

Texas representative John Ratcliffe, a Republican member of the House’s judiciary and intelligence groups, told Bartiromo Sunday that he believes Durham is “specifically” investigating alleged FISA abuses, noting that the Justice Department has already established that at least two of the four FISA orders targeted The page was invalid.

Another guest Futures on Sunday morningSenate Judicial Commission Chairman Lindsey Graham spoke of his “in-depth” investigation into the origins of the Russian investigation and the problems of FISA, saying he is keen to question former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who has appointed Mueller in May 2017 shortly after Trump shot former FBI director James Comey.

In December, Barr said that Durham’s investigation into Russia’s investigation could end by spring or summer 2020.

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