Bas-Saint-Laurent turns yellow, Gaspésie remains green


© Photo Courtesy – Government of Quebec

Eight regions including Bas-Saint-Laurent are at the early warning stage.

During the weekly update of the situation of the coronavirus in the regions of Quebec, the Ministry of Health announced that the Bas-Saint-Laurent was going into pre-alert mode while the Gaspé remained green.

Faced with the growing number of cases of Covid-19 infection, Bas-Saint-Laurent has gone into pre-alert mode. Concretely, this transition to the yellow step represents an increase in police interventions and inspections so that the rules are respected in the various gatherings. There will also be greater control of traffic in certain areas.

The Minister of Health, Christian Dubé has repeatedly stated that the main outbreaks are private gatherings. He gave the example of corn roasts and parties that were held in Bas-Saint-Laurent and which resulted in an explosion of cases, from 78 to 199 in the space of one week. “What I’m hearing is people playing by the rules. We do two or three small groups and people come together afterwards. So it represents the same gathering. “

In Bas-Saint-Laurent, new outbreaks have been declared after student parties in Kamouraska, Rivière-du-Loup and La Pocatière. Other cases have been reported in Rimouski, notably at Shaker and Taverne 666.

The Minister of Health has also sounded the alarm about residences for the elderly where cases have recently been declared, particularly in Rivière-du-Loup. “We have been making huge efforts for several months in CHSLDs, but private seniors’ residences will be our next problem if we are not careful. We already have about twenty cases in the last few days. “

New measures have thus been introduced, starting with the ban on selling food in bars after midnight and the obligation for residents to wear masks when moving inside residences.

Finally, the government clarified that a region could move to a higher stage before the weekly update depending on the evolution of the situation. It was also mentioned that in the event that a region were to move to the orange level, there could be an analysis of sub-regions to determine whether the measures will apply in the same way throughout the territory. Remember that if a region passes to the third level, the orange alert, the closure of higher risk businesses could occur again.

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