Battle of the Wimbledon final: Plíšková must mature into Belarusian heavy metal

Alberto Pezzali, ČTK / AP

There are not many better tennis players in the world at the moment than the 23-year-old native of Minsk. She has won four tournaments in the past nine months, including the Ostrava Open. However, the Sabalenks did not succeed in the grand slams, and never reached Wimbledon through the eighth finals. However, she was found on the grass at the All England Club.

“She has a great game on this surface. It gives terrible wounds from service even during replacements. There will be no time to think about any tactics. I have to make quick decisions, “said Plíšková. In addition to the ‘bombing’ by her opponent, she also has a solid influx of decibels.

Plíšková feels like in a dream, she doesn’t think about the title yet

In the past, a number of top tennis players, including Monika Selešová, Serena Williamsová, Viktoria Azarenková, but also Jimmy Connors, helped each other with significant shouts on the court.

Belarusian tennis player Aryna Sabalenkova in action. Czech tennis player Karolína Plíšková will get her on her knees at Wimbledon.

Kirsty Wigglesworth, ČTK / AP

Loud sounds helped them gain a rhythm in the court and increased the hardness of the blows. Paradoxically, from time to time, there was a solid scream from the courts, where the spectators are required complete calm during the exchanges. In the case of Sabalenko, it is almost a rule.

“It’s about cheating and should stop,” is the relentless tennis legend Martina Navratilova.

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Even when Sabalenkova played with Ashleigh Barty at the 2018 Australian Open, her soundtrack was very embarrassing.

“This grunting on the field must be eradicated. It’s absolutely ridiculous and shameful, “wrote then Australian player Todd Woobridge.

Bravo! Karolína Plíšková will play the semifinals of Wimbledon for the first time! Muchová says goodbye

Three years later, however, Sabalenková still crushes her opponents not only with brutal blows, but also with sounds that the singers of bands from AC / DC to Whitesnake would not be ashamed of.

“You can easily fall in love with Sabalenko’s tennis, but her screams overwhelm everything,” the New York Times wrote about her.

“But I also have weapons that can harm her,” Plíšková goes to the battle of Wimbledon with an open sight. She hasn’t lost a hundred in five matches. What about the Belarusian siren?


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