Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg: Police fired a shot when deployed in the Tübingen district

A shot was fired during a major police operation in southern Germany against a group that is said to have met with weapons and Wehrmacht clothing. When searching an apartment in the Tübingen district, police officers opened a door with the use of firearms, said a police spokeswoman.

Nobody was injured. There was no resistance from the suspects during the searches. The spokeswoman could not say anything about possible motives or whether the group had plans to use the weapons. The weapons check is also ongoing, it said.

400 police officers have in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg searched 17 apartments and a forest and, among other things, confiscated weapons, ammunition and parts of uniforms. The investigations are directed against a total of 19 men and women between the ages of 27 and 77 years. They are said to have no license to carry weapons and to have used weapons for their war games that fall under the War Weapons Control Act. They are also suspected of wearing clothing with anti-constitutional symbols.

Rescue workers also found grenades

According to the report, the emergency services also found grenades in the Sigmaringen district. Two detonators had been detonated in a controlled manner. So many weapons were confiscated in three districts in Baden-Württemberg that they had to be transported away by truck. Experts now have to clarify whether they are real weapons or dummies.

During the operation, the Ulm police cooperated with the state criminal investigation offices Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bayern as well as other police headquarters and special operations units. The searched apartments are located in various locations in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. The suspects were released for the time being, the investigation is ongoing.

Baden-Württemberg Minister of the Interior Thomas Strobl (CDU) spoke of a “good, hard blow against extremist tendencies”.

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