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Bavarian police: more violence when checking corona rules

In Bavaria, the monitoring of the corona rules is becoming more and more aggressive towards police officers. The police union, GdP Bayern, speaks of abuse up to and including fights against officials.

GdP Bayern: jumble of regulations lowers acceptance

Especially that A jumble of regulations in the various federal states, the citizens in the Free State are increasingly angry. The GdP presented this in the run-up to the Prime Minister’s Conference last Wednesday, said Peter Pytlik from GdP Bavaria. The acceptance of the rules is decreasing due to far too many and far too great differences in regulations in the various federal states.

This is also how the Federal Chairman of the German Police Union (DPolG), Rainer Wendt, sees it. The acceptance of political decisions is decreasing rapidly – not only in Bavaria – because politicians fail to explain the meaningfulness of decisions made, he said with a view to, for example Accommodation bans.

Alcohol and group dynamics as risk factors

The police are particularly troubled by controls at private parties, there too often alcohol plays a role, which lowers the inhibition threshold for aggressiveness, so the spokesman for the police union.

Jörg Radek, the Vice-Head of the GdP shares this opinion: “Many people simply feel annoyed by the rules. If alcohol is added or group dynamic processes are connected with it, this can contribute to further escalations.”

The Monitoring the corona rules also bring the police to the limit. “The extent to which we can control everything in the way that is required remains to be seen,” adds Pytlik.

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Missions also because of the requirement to wear a mask

But this development is not only observed in Bavaria. “As before, there is still a high level of acceptance for the corona rules, but we also feel that the mood is starting to become more aggressive – for example when we as the police want to enforce the measures,” said Radek then to resistance. It starts with insults, then there is bullying, spitting, and coughing. Our colleagues are experiencing all this in this pandemic. “

The operations did not only come from so-called mask refusers. Citizens who want to be protected have recently called for their protective rights more strongly and in some cases more aggressively and, for example, pointed out mask refusers of their misconduct. “That is why there are now more such bets,” said Radek – but this trend cannot be substantiated with figures.

Aggressive behavior towards emergency services

Wendt, too, points out that there are no statistics for such attacks. “But there are more and more reports from the police force that the acceptance of the Corona rules has decreased overall and that action is increasingly open and aggressive against emergency services who are supposed to monitor and enforce compliance with the regulations,” said Wendt.

According to the police unions, the mask requirement and the distance requirement would repeatedly cause disputes. The mask requirement was first introduced in April by some countries in local public transport and retail. Most recently, it has been expanded to include other public areas where crowds can gather.

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Supermarket in Zwickau: man struck out with an ax

As can be seen from reports from the state police, there have recently been disputes over corona rules almost daily. In a supermarket in Zwickau, Saxony, a man recently lashed out with an ax when he was reminded of the mask requirement.

In Mülheim in North Rhine-Westphalia, a 66-year-old caught a 55-year-old with her car after shopping in the supermarket and injured him slightly. He had previously asked the woman to wear mouth and nose protection and to keep her distance. There were five police officers in Kaufbeuren, Bavaria during a check in a bar slightly injured. And controls escalated in rail traffic too, where mask requirements apply.

Police workload has increased

For the police, enforcing the corona rules is an additional burden in two respects. On the one hand, the risk of infection increases the occupational risk that is already there.

On the other hand, the workload also increases when the police are increasingly asked for administrative assistance in enforcing health protection. “The forces that are then used for health protection are then missing elsewhere,” said Radek. Wendt also sees this burden: “But at the moment there are no alternatives to police controls if Germany wants to continue to get through the crisis well.”

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