Be careful if you have gone to do your shopping at Delhaize or Intermarché: warning!

Sushi Bijin (204 gr, article number 71030102; EAN code 8715153301028), Ichiban (373 gr, 71026103; 8715153261032), Sapporo (198 gr, 71720546; 8715153205463), Bonsai (191 gr, 71720545; 8715153205456 152 gr, 71720543; 8715153205432) could contain pieces of glass.

The use-by date indicated is 06/26/2021 inclusive.

It is requested not to consume these products and to bring them back to the point of sale where they were purchased.

The products were sold through various supermarkets and stores including Delhaize, Alvo, Intermarché, Louis Delhaize …


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