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Be careful using Microsoft Edge browser for these reasons

Be careful using Microsoft Edge browser for these reasons

Microsoft Software Company is working to launch many features and improvements for its Microsoft Edge browser, so that the company can convince users to install it as a competing alternative to a number of popular browsers such as Google Chrome, as well as Firefox and others.

Microsoft’s interest in its Edge browser became clear recently, as it announced features for the ability to track the prices of online shopping sites and inform users of them, with features such as an efficiency mode that reduces the use of system resources, but despite this, such a permanent development of the browser could not be satisfactory for many to users.

According to SlashGear, Microsoft has failed to make Edge a competitor or an alternative to other browsers, due to a very large number of flaws that are considered an alarm and users must stop using Edge for these reasons, including:

privacy concerns

Online shoppers may find that Edge is able to track prices and can offer installment plans for purchases and offer price tracking, but these features do not come for free, as the browser sells your private data and search history to advertising companies thus putting your privacy at risk.

Force Microsoft to use Edge as the default browser

Microsoft is forcing users to use Edge as the default browser, especially in Windows, and this has caused great inconvenience to users, and despite many attempts by users to keep the browser away from being a default browser, Microsoft is forcing you again to push people to use its browser, through roundabout ways.

The Edge browser contains deceptive tactics

Numerous reports revealed that the Edge browser seeks all the time to obtain user data to target them well, to force users later to use it, and the browser also uses a number of deceptive tactics and outright aggressive marketing.

Integration of Edge browser in Windows 10 and 11

Microsoft forced the Edge browser in Windows 10 and 11 on users and made it an inevitable part of use, integrating it with other browsers from the company such as Bing, but recently, Microsoft gave Windows 11 users the ability to block Edge and Bing browsers as default browsers.

Violent push from Edge browser

Edge pushes reminders and notifications to users even if you’re already using the same browser as the default, and if you’re not using Bing at the same time, this is a kind of constant push to force you to use other Microsoft products and services.

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