“Be careful with working all day, you have to know how to close the virtual office and make way for privacy”

They tell us about their initiative # ‘# YOMEQUEDOENCASA and we will accompany you’ due to confinement

Interview. Marta Snchez-Moreno and Carla Snchez (The Holistic Concept): “Be careful with working all day, you have to know how to close the virtual office and make way for private life”

Interview. Marta S

Fantastic and highly useful. Thus we could qualify the initiative that they have launched from The Holistic Concept on the occasion of the coronavirus crisis and the confinement of Spaniards in their homes. And it is that, although it seems that being at home we can be resting, nothing further from reality, the extremes are bad. On the one hand, the inactivity of those who have seen their activity suspended is very bad for physical and mental well-being as well as for a subsequent return to routine; on the other hand, the ‘overactivity’ that teleworking can cause also wears out, especially on the psychological plane.

Thus,Marta Snchez-Moreno, CEO of The Holistic Concept, and Carla Snchez, co-founder and communication director of the wellness and technology wellness consultancy consultancyhave decidedopen your platform to all the public for free (using the codeCALM20). In addition, on the occasion of the moment we live in, they have launched different initiatives to try to take care of the health and well-being of those who are confined to their homes through daily active breaks, exercises for the body and mind, special recommendations …

Thus,Digital HRHe has been able to talk to them to learn more about this interesting project.

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Question. What is the initiative ‘#YOMEQUEDOENCASA Y TE ACOMPAAMOSâ € ™?

Marta Snchez Moreno. Taking into account the special circumstances that we are all experiencing and how complicated this situation can be for many, we have decided to contribute a grain of sand by opening access to our platform for free.

Anyone can enjoy our content using the CALM20 code during the registration process. A library of more than 120 audios and videos that will help you work on the physical and emotional level the impact of stress, tension, worry or uncertainty. In addition, we have a special program for families with content to improve stress for children and another for pregnant women.

All those who register will also receive a newsletter with complementary content to work in depth on different areas related to their well-being.

In parallel and to give comprehensive support, we organize active 15-minute breaks every day through our Instagram profile @theholisticconcept. We connect live at 11am and 7.30pm and are available for 24hrs.

Q. How is it beneficial for people, whether they are working or not, who are confined to the coronavirus?

Carla Snchez. Now we have more time but we are limited in our mobility, something that will take its toll both physically and mentally and emotionally because we are not used to it. It is necessary to manage this time in a structured and orderly way to be able to cope with the day in general, organize ourselves by working, or with the children if it is the case.

On the one hand, you have to take care of the body and combat sedentary lifestyle at home, since it can end up affecting the back and other sensitive areas more than usual. On the mental plane it is the same, because it is not easy to take adequate breaks and end the work.

Having a tool that provides you with all that help, guides and also accompanies you live to create a routine with you, is a great support at all levels right now. We are impressed and happy by the good reception that the initiative has had.

Q. What kind of exercises / activities do you do?

Carla S: Both on the platform and in the live sessions, we work Body and Mind as a whole. Physical exercises range from stretching to joint mobility, through breathing exercises, loosening, and postural education.

The practices of the Mind area are oriented to manage emotions as common as anxiety, nervousness or stress, which have increased considerably; at the same time that we promote qualities such as motivation, gratitude, serenity or positive thinking. We do this through breathing exercises, relaxation and mindfulness.

The most striking thing about these techniques is that they have an immediate impact, the person feels better after finishing their practice and it is a great push to continue dealing with current reality.

Q. What special content have you added to the platform due to current circumstances?

Marta SM. We have created four new programs adapting to special situations, especially considering that we are at home a long time, sitting or lying down, with restricted mobility and that not everyone is used to teleworking. Therefore, from now on they can enjoy a programCoronavirus Specialwith express contents perfect to help us in critical moments of physical or emotional tension. We have also created a program with content aimed at working from home, a stretching program and, finally, another related to back health.

Q. What are the keys so that the routine of confinement does not take its toll on us physically and mentally?

Carla S: Purpose, discipline and personal space. Having daily goals is basic right now. If you telecommute with a company you still have a certain structure thanks to virtual meetings and the common plan, but that is not the scenario for everyone. Those people who are self-employed or have had to stop their professional activity completely, face a greater challenge; it is about extracting juice from that time that we have won.

Whatever your situation, set yourself specific goals, create an agenda every day and stick to it. That discipline will bring order to your life and make the day go by faster than you think.

But be careful with working all day, you have to know how to close the virtual office and give way to privacy to do things that we like, even if we are locked between four walls. We have to be more creative than ever, working and on a personal level.

Q. How can users access this content (both disconnections and platform)? Hours, means …

Registration can be done through www.theholisticconcept.app/signup and use the codeCALM20.

Active breaks are every day, Saturdays and Sundays included, at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. and last 15 minutes so that they are affordable and easy to integrate into the day. The connection is made throughour instagram profile.

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