Be the lder and the ticket for the LEB Silver Cup, the two goals of the Girona Balls


The equator of the first phase is approaching and the Girona Basketball Championship is in full swing, but with still pending duties. With the promotion as the final goal, the short-term goal is double this weekend. This afternoon (19 hours) those of Àlex Formento receive the CB Prat in Fontajau with the desire to tie a new victory and thus leave the classification for the LEB Plata Cup in a row, a prize that will choose the best team from the two groups of ' This category at the end of the first round.

The gironins have it around. They are leaders with eight wins and one defeat. Winners would get the ticket as long as he loses Hestia Menorca (7-2) on his track against Murcia (6-3) which only earns him to have some option. But to look further, the Girona Basketball first wants to focus on the next rival, a CB Prat that comes from LEB Gold and has completely changed its template to try to return as soon as possible. Barcelona is quartered with a balance of six wins and three defeats. "It is a long and complete team that has many focuses of attention due to the talent that all its players have. Many of them can unbalance the game thanks to their individual capabilities ", warns Àlex Formento. El Prat has the best attack of the competition, with 85.1 points per game and also the best percentage in field shots: 46.5%. There is also an old acquaintance like Leo Cizmic, who last season defended the colors of the Girona Basketball.

"We face the duel with the utmost respect, as we do every week. We have prepared to receive a very difficult opponent. We have the greatest ambition and we hope to be focused on each action from the first to the last minute », continues Formento». He wants the team "enjoy" and also "enjoy" the audience that is now approaching Fontajau. Trying to win Prat is considered a "whole challenge" that, if it is achieved, will confirm that Girona are not only the best team waiting for the Basque Juaristi ISB (8-1) to the other group .

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