Beat the Star: Elton Outraged – “Wouldn’t Have Anything to Do With It”

Beat the star: Moderator Elton outraged – “I don’t want to have anything to do with it”

Presenter Elton presents “Beat the Star”.

Photo: Imago Images / Hartenfelser

What a show on Saturday night! This has never happened before beat the celebrity (ProSieben). Because there were several unfamiliar situations.

First, the show was held without viewers due to the corona virus. Second: And then a star had also canceled shortly before. Cathy Hummels dropped out. Her uncle and aunt had recently been infected with the corona virus. The gambler wanted to be with her family.

For her, Blümchen alias Jasmin Wagner took over against Dagi Bee. And provided a lot of trouble beat the celebrity.

We accompanied beat the celebrity in the live ticker. You can read everything about the show here:

Beat the star (Prosieben): Our live ticker for reading

Sunday March 22nd

10.20 a.m .: Cathy Hummels is actually in coronavirus quarantine, so she could not compete against influencer Dagi Bee on Saturday. But now this story is coming out >>>

Saturday March 21st

11:58 p.m .: Dagi Bee wins the game and thus the show!

11.42 p.m .: The candidates have to drive a race track against each other with a tri-scooter.

11.38 p.m .: A match ball game. It’s called a tri-scooter. So we are for Dagi.

11.36 p.m .: And the victory goes to Dagi.

11.33 p.m .: Now the two words have to feel. Means: In front of them are hidden wooden letters that make up a word. The ladies have to feel this.

11.20 p.m .: Even Elton is annoyed: “I don’t want to have anything to do with it anymore”.

11:15 p.m .: Slowly it gets really exhausting with flowers. Also find the fans:

  • I don’t know what Cathy Hummels is. But I would have preferred it to florets
  • I love @MagicRon for all this teasing against flowers
  • The jasmine also keeps saying things that we don’t want to hear
  • Blümchen doesn’t have a filter when talking.
  • Please flowers, shut up!
  • I find flowers arrogant and arrogant. More appearances than be
  • Floret is so embarrassing

11.10 p.m .: “I’m going to be really good, I’m going to be a basketball player,” Blümchen calls. Certainly…

11.05 p.m .: Let’s continue with basketball. On a rotating platform. Not that easy.

10:52 p.m .: Bienchen wins against flowers: The butterflies are probably Dagi Bee. It catches more insects from the air and decides the game for itself.

10:38 p.m .: Little rosy prospects for flowers: Dagi Bee wins “disgrace or cash”. The last question: When was the Equal Pay Day in Germany? Dagi Bee calculates the answer, Blümchen then states: “I don’t even know.” The day draws attention to the unequal pay in the job for men and women.

10:26 p.m .: 21: 7 – Dagi Bee extends her lead. And Jasmine finds flowery words why she also loses the game “shoot”. The gun fired too quickly the first time, yes.

10:08 pm: Next win for influencer Dagi Bee: she increases 100 percent in karting and draws flowers.

9.48 p.m .: Blümchen emphasizes several times that the game “dancing” is no fun at all. What does she say when the game is over? “I want that for at home”. She lost anyway. Dagi Bee leads again.

9.42 p.m .: Eurodance is back: Can Blümchen benefit from their 90s dance moves?

9:29 pm: For the first time, Blümchen takes the lead: she often misjudges her pitch, but she wins the game “estimate”.

9:26 pm: We are a little worried about Dagi Bee. She didn’t have …

… a normal cold?

9:21 pm: A quick look over to Twitter. There, the commentators surprisingly agree: Dagi Bee sympathetic, Blümchen up to now, well, talkative, turned up and extroverted. So the criticism is still nicely packed.

21.08 p.m .: “Blümchen is back!” – she wins the third game: women’s football. She made Dagi Bee look old.

8.44 p.m .: Easy win for blogger Dagi: she also wins the second round. She knows her hairstyles. What hasn’t really worked out so far is the technology in the studio.

8:37 pm: Dagi Bee wins the first game and balances the books more skillfully and above all faster than her opponent on the head.

8:18 pm: Despite her absence, Cathy Hummels made it onto the show. It is activated via video chat and sends a few words to the viewers at home. When Elton asks who’s fingers crossed, she replies diplomatically: “Both”.


This is “hit the star”:

  • Schlag den Star (SdS for short) is a game show at ProSieben that is produced by Raab TV and Brainpool
  • It is a variant of the former ProSieben show “Schlag den Raab”
  • On the show, two celebrities compete against each other in up to 15 games
  • Cathy Hummels should have been up against Dagi Bee on Saturday
  • However, Hummels had to cancel due to illness


Friday, March 20:

14:38: Cathy Hummels has to cancel, Blümchen jumps in

Cathy Hummels must the ‘beat the celebrity‘Cancel episode scheduled for tomorrow’s Saturday.

The reason for the short-term cancellation is that the uncle and the aunt of Cathy Hummels are infected with the corona virus. On Instagram, Cathy Hummels said: “Since we all have very close contacts in our family, I had a bad feeling leaving Ludwig with grandma and grandpa and my sister. That’s why, as difficult as it is for me, I decided to cancel ‘Beat the Star’. ”

Cathy Hummels has to cancel ‘Schlag den Star’

Hummels was already on the way to Cologne, she continues. But it was the other way round, will now go into a 14-day quarantine and be tested on Corona.

Cathy Hummels: “I just don’t want to be so irresponsible and infect anyone. It can be easy that I carry the virus because we are very close to my family. ”

However, a short time later, a video appeared that really excited the Munich fans: Cathy Hummels while shopping! >> Read more about this here. (dg / mb)


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