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The journey of a wandering herd of elephants in China is being watched all over the world. The people of the world are eagerly awaiting their pictures, scenes and news. The funny scene of elephants getting beaten up during the journey is now filling up on social media. Although they are pushing, shoving and pushing each other, it is clear at a glance that this is part of their trunk. The other day, a herd of elephants was seen bathing in muddy water.

The herd started its journey in March 2020 from the Sishwangbana Wildlife Sanctuary on the China-Myanmar border. The group initially had 16 elephants. After 100 km, the two returned. The remaining 14 continued their journey. Meanwhile, with the birth of a female, the membership has grown to 15. The group consists of 3 hornets, 6 females and 6 males. The herd of elephants is now on its way back after reaching Kunming, a large city of 85 lakh people. The elephants travel through Shiji Township, near the town of Yuxi, south of Kunming. So far they have not attacked a single human being. They walk very peacefully even in populated areas. The government itself supports the journey by providing them with food and transportation.

So far, the elephants have covered more than 500 km. Their journey became a big event on social media last April after covering 100 km. Authorities woke up last Wednesday to Kunming, the capital of Yunnan. They arranged the journey by removing blocks and other things in such a way as not to cause much damage. Various teams of 630 personnel, 103 vehicles, 14 drones and other equipment have been deployed to rescue the elephants. There is also police security. The government delivers 1200 kg of food daily to them including maize, peanuts and bananas. Not only Yunnan, but Beijing is directly instructing their protection.

A herd of elephants roaming through a farm in Jinning District, near Kunming, China.

Elephants are one of the most endangered species in China. So if you touch them, those who touch them will go inside.

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The walk became so popular last Monday when a picture of a group relaxing in the Xiang forest was released during the trip. The elephants, walking back from Kunming, after a short distance lay in a herd near Xiang Township. There was an incident when I fell asleep. Orana was late to wake up. The others left the place. The elephant, which was late to get up, is now walking alone in Kunming. The government has set up a special team to monitor this. It is also reported that Lakku was wandering around after eating another fermented grain from time to time.

In the meantime, minor mistakes were made. Two puppies fell into the canyons. Video footage of adult elephants rescuing them then spread. There are many opinions as to where they are going. According to a section, they may leave the forest in search of new pastures due to lack of fodder. Another group said they were holding a long march to see the country. There are those who say it is a misguided move.

Usually elephants do not like to leave the area where they were born. It is believed that the lack of food and shelter in the Sishwangban area led to the elephants’ journey. It is said that the increase in agricultural activities in the region has led to deforestation. Some point out that the lack of attention paid by the locals to the elephants may also be a factor. But nothing, Orana came first, followed by others. The first person does not know the way, the others just follow him – there is a theory.


The elephants caused damage worth about Rs 7.5 crore during the journey. Farms and farms were slightly destroyed. We also occasionally visited a car showroom. On the way through Ishan village, an elephant reached a house and threw its trunk through the window. When the householder saw this, he was afraid and hid under the bed. They knocked on the doors of some houses with their trunks and informed that they were all here. Chinese officials say they have caused minor problems about 500 times during the trip so far.

All the scenes of the herd’s journey captivated the minds of elephant lovers and animal lovers all over the world. Millions of people have turned a blind eye to images and videos released by Chinese agencies and social media such as Weibo.

English Summary: China’s Wandering Elephants Are On The Move Again. Are They Headed Home?


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