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Beautiful design hotel by the sea

From the roof terrace of the Hotel Ammos on Crete you can see the sea. (Image: PD)

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There are hotels that are so beautiful that you don’t want to leave them. If they also have their own beach, this is even more true. Four arrangements for dreams.

Hotel Ammos in Crete

The 33-room boutique hotel is located in the north-west of the island of Crete. Directly on the sea, with a private beach where the aperitif is served at sunset. That alone will be anthemic “ammunition” everything is actually on offer that you could wish for a problem-free summer holiday. Design lovers will also be delighted by the design of the house.

The rooms have private balconies, some with sea views. (Image: PD)

Host Nikos Tsepetis is a passionate collector. This can already be seen in the entrance area of ​​the hotel, where guests encounter a carefully selected selection of iconic design pieces. The chairs by Cini Boeri, Pierre Yovanovitch or Odd Matter fit well in the otherwise very purist room. Also very beautiful: the curved marble wall from Mount Pentelicus near Athens at the reception. There is also a small library with books and magazines.

Breakfast is served here when it’s too cold outside. (Image: PD)

Tsepetis took the hotel from his family, who bought the property in the mid-1970s and built the hotel on it. Together with the architect Elisa Manola, he modernized the building and redesigned the interior. They created a design haven near the city of Chania. It is only 10 minutes by car from the hotel. nonetheless, it is quite possible that you will not leave the house very often.

Welcome Nikos Tsepetis and his dog Jonny. (Image: PD)

At the “Ammos” the day starts with croissants and Cretan pastries from Kalitsounia, as well as fresh fruit and yogurt. At lunch, moussaka and Greek salad (horiatiki) are on the menu, and you should definitely try the avocado toast on homemade bread. In the evening you choose from three menus – fresh fish, a meat and a vegetarian dish are usually available.

Breakfast at Ammos Hotel. (Image: PD)

The time between meals will most likely be spent by the pool overlooking the sea or on the sunbeds on the beach below. Relax and be inspired, whether in the interior or in the dining area – that’s all you should do here.

ammoshotel.com; Double room from about 260 francs

Cap d’Antibes Beach Hotel

There Cap d’Antibes Beach Hotel is considered one of the most iconic addresses on the Côte d’Azur. Eddy Barclay, Brigitte Bardot and Johnny Hallyday have all traveled here. The paintings of “La Maison des Pêcheurs” were already in great demand at that time, and it is not for nothing that the restaurant belonging to the hotel was considered an institution in the 1940s, where movie stars and non-stars met The area around Cap d’Antibes Beach Hotel today was also an inspiration for many great painters of the 20th century, such as Chagall and Picasso. Nicolas de Staël is said to have painted his last masterpiece overlooking the Mediterranean Sea from the fortress of Antibes.

The Cap d’Antibes Beach Hotel has a private beach. (Image: Giulio Ghirardi)

References to the sea are omnipresent. Also in the hotel, which was remodeled by architect Bernard Dubois. The interior wants “rough and positive”, as the people responsible describe it themselves. The rooms are entered through white-painted wooden walkways, with stone floors intended to connect the outside with the inside. Everything is associated with a lot of dark wood, which looks very elegant in combination with light earth tones and soft light.

The hotel was remodeled by architect Bernard Dubois. (Image: Giuli Gohirardi)

The pink marble in the bathrooms also goes well with the interior in general. The candy color can be found everywhere in the hotel without ever being kitsch. Small round windows reinforce associations with a luxury version of a boat trip.

View inside the terrace. (Image: Giuli Gohirardi)

Water as the main element is obvious. The five-star hotel with 35 rooms and suites is located directly on the sea, between the ports of Gallice and Crouton. The hotel’s private beach – a rarity on the Côte d’Azur – invites you to an early morning swim. There is food afterwards at the Baba restaurant, where you can also meet for a drink in the evening.

Levantine dishes are on the menu at Baba Beach Restaurant, meant to be shared. (Image: Emanuela Cino)

Of course, you can also eat well in the restaurant Les Pêcheurs, the former “Maison des Pêcheurs”, which received a Michelin star. The sea is omnipresent here too: through the large bay window or from the terrace you can see the coast, the chromed metal columns inside the restaurant are intended to remind you of the masts of a ship, and Nicolas Rondelli, chef de cuisine of Les . Pêcheurs, says: «I approach cooking with humility, composing dishes inspired by the sea. Like a sailor.”

capdantibes-beachhotel.com; DZ to 505 Euro

Artist in residence of Palazzo Luce and Villa Jolanda in Apulia

There Palazzo Luce in Apulia is a house full of art and design. Here you will find historical designs by Gio Ponti, Ettore Sottsass, José Zanine Caldas and Hans-Agne Jakobson as well as new designs; by Martino Gamper, Konstantin Grcic, Bethan Laura Wood or Audrey Large. This is complemented by an extensive collection of art works: You can find photos by Marina Abramovic, works by William Kentridge, photographic works by Ugo Mulas or Vanessa Beecroft and art figures by Gianmaria Tosatti. The list is long – but by no means all names belonging to this house have been mentioned here.

The indoor bar was designed by Martino Gamper. (Image: PD)

The artists’ residence Palazzo Luce was built by Anna Maria Enselmi in a palace built in the 13th century. Their vision: both a meeting place for art and design love and a platform for collections full of life. The result is a maze of art rooms, library rooms and suites. In almost every corner there is an interesting work to discover. Even the corridors are more interesting than some museums.

Because a lot of light falls in the palace, it is also called: Palazzo Luce. (Image: Helenio Barbetta)

The abundant Palazzo Luce is located in the middle of the old city of Lecce and therefore not on the sea. If you want to be closer to the water, ask for Villa Jolanda. The private accommodation in Castro Marina with a view of the Adriatic coast can be booked only on request. This house is also completely dedicated to design and architecture – and it is also quite high-class.

Living room in Villa Jolanda. (Image: PD)

The focus is on pieces by Ettore Sottsass and the Memphis group: you will find the famous Ultrafragola mirror by Sottsass, a carpet by Nathalie du Pasquier, armchairs by Pier Giulio Magistretti and Gio Ponti and lamps by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

In the bedroom is an iconic make-up table “Plaza” by Michael Grave. (Image: PD)

In summer, the highlight is definitely the terrace, where you can relax in the rocking chairs by Ico Parisi with cushions that are tailor made from Bauhaus fabric. With a view of the sea, of course.

The terrace of Villa Jolanda is dedicated to Ettore Sottsass. (Image: PD)

palazzolucelecce.com; Double room from 800 euros, prices for Villa Jolanda are available on request

Montesol Experimental in Ibiza

The band Pink Floyd, film director Orson Welles and Caroline von Hanover, Princess of Monaco, are said to have slept under this roof. It was the heyday of what was then the Grand Hotel Montesol, between the 1950s and 1980s, and Ibiza was where everyone wanted to be: celebrities and royalty, bohemians and hippies. In 2013, the experimental group took over the house and called it Montesol experimental around. The hotel chain is known for its focus on quality, modern interior design.

Ibiza is a popular summer destination. (Image: PD)

French designer Dorothée Meilichzon is responsible for this. It relies on fresh, many colors. Everywhere in the house there are decorative objects in bohemian style, matching the flair and history of the island.

Furnished with attention to detail: the Montesol Experimental. (Image: PD)

During the day, the best thing to do is visit the hotel’s beach club Experimental Beach. There are sunbeds in the sand right by the sea, you can order drinks and food and enjoy the sunset in the evening.

But: As beautiful as the summer in Ibiza by the sea is, it can also be quite hot and dry. “Café Montesol is a refuge from the summer sun,” says the restaurant that belongs to the hotel. It is worth a visit not only for the cool rooms and food, but also for the pleasing interior design: shells on the walls, moon windows, and tiled floors. The menu includes tapas to share with friends, as well as beer and wine. There is no better way to enjoy a room.

Escape the heat: Café Montesol. (Image: PD)

montesolexperimental.com; Double room with breakfast from 176 euros (low season), double room with breakfast from 419 euros (high season)

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