Beautiful woman dances reggaeton on her boyfriend’s coffin (VIDEO)

A video viral that circulates through various social networks shows the exact moment in which an attractive woman dances to the rhythm of the popular urban genre reggatón, what caught the attention of Internet users is that she did it in the middle of the funeral.

The video uploaded last Sunday, September 13, can be found on the YouTube platform / social network with the name “Woman dances reggaeton on the coffin of her beloved “, a name that would reveal the possible relationship of the female with the deceased.

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In the barely 24 seconds that the material lasts, the woman is seen on the coffin surrounded by a crowd, some of them also dancing to the rhythm of the song “She Wants Hmm Haa Hmm” by reggaetonist Leka El Poeta.

The woman is dressed in tight blue jeans, a black blouse and dark shoes. Her long hair sometimes covers her face flooded with tears, denoting the pain that fills her inside.

His suggestive movements outraged social networks, with negative comments about it; some of them say that it is not a way to grieve, so you probably will not feel the loss.

Others, with comments of a macho tone, point out that “at this point he already has another”, referring to another man in his life.

Although the exact location and date was not revealed, a middle class area is observed, probably in a Latin American neighborhood by the people who appear in the audiovisual material.


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