Because of Corona – Opel wants to extend short-time work until the end of 2021! – Domestic policy

Not good news for Opel employees!

Because of the Corona crisis, short-time working at the car manufacturer Opel is expected to be extended until 2021 – provided the employment agency agrees. This was agreed by the management and the general works council, as the company announced on Saturday.

And: Opel wants to open its partial retirement program to all employees born in 1964, it says in a key issues paper.

For Ferdinand Dudenhöffer (69) from the Center Automotive Research, a clear wrong decision: “It seems bizarre that right now, when the voluntary severance pay programs at Opel are stalling and company boss Lohscheller is threatened with redundancies, IG-Metall and Opel will work together with Opel on short-time allowance until the end of 2021 applied for, ”says the auto expert to BILD.

Short-time work over such long periods of time would “knock the employees soft” and make your own company “mad”, says Dudenhöffer. “IG Metall and the Opel works council must therefore ask themselves whether they will not become the stirrup holder for severance pressure on employees.”

Photo: Nicolas Blandin / dpa

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Car industry expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer at the Geneva Motor ShowPhoto: Nicolas Blandin / dpa

Further: “If the assumption is correct, Opel is one of the examples that show that state short-time working allowance can contribute to job cuts. Not necessarily in the spirit of the inventor and Minister of Labor Heil. ”

Interesting: According to Dudenhöffer, Opel should have contractually ruled out redundancies for operational reasons by 2025. And: Opel is one of the few companies that made profits in the first half of the year. Means: With fewer employees and short-time work benefits, the profits are even greater, explains the auto expert.

Opel recently brought redundancies into play if an agreed volunteer program to cut jobs by the end of 2021 did not find the desired 2,100 participants. So far, only around 500 employees have decided to leave the car manufacturer. Opel boss Michael Lohscheller (51) had also emphasized that he was confident that he could find good solutions with the works council.


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