Because of “recent events”: Another US minister throws down

Because of “recent events”
Another US Minister throws down

The series of resignations from Trump’s government continues. Now the acting Minister of Homeland Security gives up his office. Whether this also has to do with the storming of the Capitol by supporters of the US President? Chad Wolf cites “recent events” as the reason.

Almost a week and a half before the end of the term of office of US President Donald Trump, the acting US Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf has announced his resignation. Wolf announced in Washington that he was giving up his post with effect from Monday at one minute before midnight.

The previous minister justified his decision with “recent events”. He did not mention the storming of the Capitol by angry Trump supporters, which had caused several other high government members to resign in the past few days.

Instead, Wolf mentioned legal disputes over his authority to exercise the ministerial office on a provisional basis. This legal dispute claims resources from the Ministry of Homeland Security at the “critical time” of the transition to a new government.

Wolf had moved to the head of the Ministry of Homeland Security in November 2019 after Kevin McAleenan, who was also acting head of department, resigned. Wolf was the fifth Minister of Homeland Security in Trump’s four-year tenure.

The entire term of office of Trump was marked by constant changes in personnel in his government team. After Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday, the series of resignations from the government accelerated again. In protest of Trump’s role in the incidents, Education Minister Betsy DeVos, Transport Minister Elaine Chao and Deputy National Security Advisor Matt Pottinger resigned.

Trump is accused of being partly responsible for the riot at the seat of the US Congress. Shortly before, at a performance in Washington, he had incited his supporters with his completely unfounded election fraud allegations and called for a march on the Capitol.

The US Democrats have therefore taken the first steps for a new impeachment process against Trump. On Monday they introduced a corresponding draft resolution to the House of Representatives. Trump’s term of office ends on Wednesday of next week anyway. Then his elected successor Joe Biden will be introduced to the presidency.


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