because she is single and the relationship today with Ultimo


The artist talks about the project of the ‘Hidden Love Songs’ and confesses freely: the love for the children, the regrets of the past, the relationship with Ultimo and the tension of live TV

Fabrizio Moro and his’Hidden Love Songs’. The singer-songwriter, through an interview with Leggo, spoke freely about his work, his emotions, his private life, his regrets and also his relationship with Last. The collection of his ‘hidden songs’ was born from the need to bring to the public those songs he wrote before being successful and which did not have the media echo hoped for at the time.

I think they should be given a second chance, songs that I wrote when I was 20 and today ricanto with the experience of a 45-year-old “explains Fabrizio who then tries to think about love concept. A concept conceived in the light of his life experience: “After the troubled relationships, I am alone. The great love is children. With Libero and Anita, now 11 years old and 7, I have a wonderful relationship ”.

Moro then enters an even more complex discourse, saying he is sure that unfortunately the new generations, for the Covid, either for mobile phone addiction, or for video games, they live a childhood and a youth particular and not easy. “And it’s up to us – he adds -, when this bad story is over, to make them understand that a hug is lifeblood “.

This passage regrets chapter. The singer does not hide and confesses to having many, in particular related to his own “relations”. If he could go back he would try to externalize some of his feelings more instead of keeping everything inside. Otherwise said, as in ‘Hidden Love Songs’, if he could, he would try to give some people a second chance.

So you hover over Roma, his city. What if he were mayor of the city? What would you propose. Moro has clear ideas, stating that he would divide it into more common as it is “Too many” and such a population is difficult to manage administratively alone Capitol.

By the way, the Eternal City has given birth to a pretty good young man in recent years, speaking of talent and musical qualities: Last. Are you still in contact with him? At the moment, yes, although he feels it not often. Also because the period is very delicate due to the restrictions to try to stem the spread of the coronavirus. “In this period – he explains – we are living a little less. Now it’s hard. I am one who is born on stage. I did the work in the studio but only to go on stage ”.

E Sanremo? We’ll see? He proposed some songs to bring on stage of the Ariston? In this case, Moro brakes categorically, practically peremptory. “I would never make it “, he glosses, adding that he suffers to such an extent “Direct TV pressure” to feel “The destroyed soul”. A sensation, the artist always says, which has gradually worsened with the passage of time. Finally, space for the song of the heart, the one that remains inside you. Do you have one? “Take me away”.


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